Episode 10 Chapter one

The sequel Episode ten 2009 and ending in 2010

Chapter one

August 1st, 2009 Doug Hebbard is a young 32 year old firefighter and in great shape. After radiation and surgery Doug beat a stage II colon cancer. He has a permanent colostomy bag and is back working as a firefighter. Doug is a great inspiration to anyone starting the journey of cancer. He was a young good-looking man and still is. You have to check out his Colondar page for your self.

Put in photo of Doug Hebbard

August 5th, 2009 Wednesday afternoon I’m ending my workday with a T’ai Chi class. My lovely wife Marjorie has been in the class for years. Now every T’ai Chi class I have one of the student’s warm up the class with a Chi Kung exercise or two, or twenty. When the warm ups are done I get up out off my butt and conduct the class. In an hour the class is over and Marjorie and I go home. What a great life I have.

To night I got an idea. Marjorie and I are going to stop for a bite to eat somewhere, Marjorie wants a cosmopolitan, and I would like a green apple martini. Patrick’s pub is on our way home and a great place to stop, eat, and drink. Marjorie had a chicken sandwich and a glass of red wine. I had a hamburger and a tall dark draft beer. We’re not big drinkers. So much for our mix drinks. Marjorie can only handle one drink and after my liver cancer I can only have one drink a day. I’m thinking every week from now on Marjorie and I are going to have a date night I’m only putting in one date night a month. You can use your imagination for the weeks I skipped.

Life after cancer has change a lot of things for me. It’s not just the drinking (although I don’t mind one drink a day) many days I don’t have an alcoholic drink at all. Sometimes a week or more will go by between drinks. There is no white water rafting in my plans either. I sold my motorcycle and snowmobile. I’m not climbing a mountain on the hardest trail. I now want a flat path something a wheelchair can roil down. Whenever I run it’s to a bathroom there is no more road racing running up a mountain side, I once ran up Mount Washington with two friends just to say we did it. Now if I’m crossing the road and a car is coming a little skip is more that I would like to do. Forget running up a flight of steps, I could have been a steep runner, I think that’s what runners are called that run up the steep in a ski scraper. When I travel, and I do travel a lot, I stop at every rest area on the highway for a bathroom break. It’s my new life, but I really don’t mind. Any life after cancer is better than dying from cancer. As I think about dying. I think I’d like too live to be 120 years old like the Yellow Emporia did back in 2,783 Bc. If I follow in his footstep I know I can match his longevity.

Marjorie and I are going to have old fashion road trip. We are going south for a short weekend to Philadelphia. Allen and Judy have been after us to come down for a long time. Now what’s in Philly? I remember something about a bell. Was it a southern bell, a pretty girl I’m looking for? No I don’t think that ‘s right. Is their bats in a bell free I have to find? That can’t be right either. I loved bell-bottom jeans back in the sixties. Are we going shopping for some bell-bottom pants? I have been told when the bell tolls, the bell tolls for the, the what? What could Philadelphia have in common with a bell?  I got it check out this bell.

8. Put in August 2009 liberty bell

This is the most famous bell in America the Liberty bell. Well worth the trip when you ring the bell it sounds like a piece of steal you just hit with a hammer. No ringing at all. The crack does look cool. When in Philadelphia what do you eat? A Philly steak and cheese on a sub roil of course. We asked Allen and Judy where is the best steak and Chesses sandwich shop is in Philly? Allen and Judy both said in unison Stave’s is the best place to go. Their are two more famous pleases to go to, but they are only famous because of their location.

8. Put in August 2009 eateing a philly sterk and cheese

August 2009 my father in law just told me I have to find my target audience and zero in on it. I believed I was writing for my self. Who is my target audience anyway? Is it someone with colorectal cancer as I had? What about every other form of cancer? Can someone that knows someone with cancer get something out of my writing? Why can’t anyone reading my story come away with something? Can’t someone reed my story just for fun? I have been haveing fun writing my history of the past 8 years and 75 days. If I decide to write my story for a certain person who should it be? Do I have to change all my writing over to fit a narrow narrative? This sounds like work to me. When this story turns in to work I ‘m going to stop writing. I think I’ll skip over this target audience stuff all together. My target audience is going to be me.

My wife Marjorie originally wrote a three-page story about my cancer and the treatments I underwent. It was Molly McMaster asking for a short autobiography for my sister-in-law Nancy’s application to put me in Mollies calendar of colon cancer survivors that got me started. My original thought was, why do I have to write a story for Nancy to put me in Molly’s calendar? I had no intention of writing this over the top book. I still do not know why anyone would pay for any of my words of my wit. When I started writing my version of the three pages it was not a story. It wasn’t even a statement. I know I got carried away. I’ve written well over 130,000 words and I added in around 500 photographs. My local doctor told me I have a story to tell. I think he might be a little local and need a doctor of his own. I know he doesn’t even know what I’ve written about him. I wonder if he knows my son David is a doctor, of your brain.

August 2009 I’m cooking at a party at Madam Jacqueline Evelyn Shapiro Shulman and Jimmy Merritt Shulman house. I’ve been cooking for years and this year is no exception. The weekend starts with a visit to Shadow-box a comedy show where I got a photograph with the first Play Boy Centerfold Marilyn Monroe.

8. Put in August 2009 Marilyn Monroe

This was an original Woodstock sign back in 1969. Not really! Marjorie and I went to a Woodstock reunion concert and were told we could have an old sign. When we drove to Jacqueline and Jimmy’s house we just put the roiled up poster in the back seat. I think I cooked for 300 people over the weekend8. Put in August 2009 Wodstock postery

September 1st, 2009 Greg Hunt had almost the same cancer as I had. My cancer was where my colon and rectum came together. Greg’s cancer was in his rectum only. We both had the cancer spread to our liver. We both were told we had stage four cancers. And we both beat it. Cool for both of us.

Put on photo of Greg Hunt

September 2nd, 2009 remember the bar Marjorie and I stopped at last month. We were thinking of going out every Wednesday afternoon after the T’ai Chi class. And we did to a different bar every week. I’m only adding in a few of our favorite places. The Cork and Hearth restaurant is with in walking distant from our house and we never stopped in for a drink only for a great meal. Marjorie and I drive by this bar every day when we go to Pittsfield to work or play and when we drive home. To day we are going to stop in for a bite and beer.

September 2009 Marjorie and I are driving out to Niagara Falls in New York State. My cousin David Bonnevie lives out their some place I hear his father my uncle Reginald Bonnevie is staying with David for a while. I’ve called David and he told me to call him when I arrive in Niagara Falls.

9. Put in photo September 2009 Marjorie and I ay Nigiar falls

No matter where I go I can find a beautiful place to practice a form or two. This is a T’ai Chi form taught to me by Ninth degree Master Black Belt John Fritz.

9. Put in photo September 2009 Frank doing T'ai Chi

This is a group of men that should be lock up in a jail somewhere. The cops just have to catch us. On the left is Frank Elzeard Bonnevie junior your fabulous story-writer. My father’s brother, my uncle Reginald Bonnevie. And his son David Bonnevie. Shortly after I wrote this story concerning our three-day weekend visiting David and his father in Niagara Falls. My uncle Reginald pas-a-way. He was the last of the Bonnevie Boys of my father generation. Now David all the cousin and I are the next generation of old folks. Remember when you were a kid and your father and his brother were all the old realities? Now we are the next generation of old people. I don’t feel old. I wonder what the kids to day think of us

9. Put in photo September 2009 of Frank Regional David

I realize if I was called an apprentice with all my writing. That would be an accomplishment of a higher degree than all my Shaolin Kempo Karate Master Black Belts combined. No mater how many Fifth Degree Master Black Belt front punches, kicks, or Shaolin Kempo Karate forms I do like Five Dragons Facing The Four Winds,or As Master David Shirley told me the form that depict my movements the best Invincible Wall. I think of myself always as a beginner in my writing. A few years ago I decided to go back to school. All the classes I enrolled in had a writing component. First I had a writing class to polish up on some basic writing skills. I have been out of college since the late seventies. And I needed some polishing. I have been told the wax I used must have been from the seventies. It’s time for some new wax. I get it no one thinks I’m a great writer. I’m thinking, do I have too be a great writer? I’m having a tremendous amount of fun making up stories in my mind about my time with cancer. I only have to please myself.

For 6 or 7 years at Berkshire Community College I wrote every week on what ever subject the teacher wanted. One of the greatest teachers at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield Massachusetts is Miss. June Tulley. One day in her history class she asked how the events we were studding 2,000 years ago still affects our lives to day. She got me thinking how can I relate to an event 2,000 years ago too my life to day? With a little work I was able to connect my family tree too Charlemagne King of the Holy Roman Empire. Than back to Clodius King of the West Franks Empire on the banks of the Volga River between the Black and Caspian Sea. This was the area of the Russia Capital way back in the year 6. Clodius would be my Great Great grandfather 73rd, generation ago. That right I’m related to a king.

According to the Aquarian gospel Jesses Christ did visit every village. Being kids, could Jesses have played with Clodius my Great Great 73 Greats Grandfather ago? They might even have invented the game of Base Ball. There is a lot of debate as to whom and when the game of Base Ball was first played. Was it Abbner Double Day that lived in Coppers Town New York that in vented the game of Base Ball? He has been given a lot of created for inventing the game. In Pittsfield Massachusetts my hometown a law was passed to stop all the boy from playing Base Ball in the common. It seems occasionally the ball was breaking the windows in City Hall. The date of the Law dates back decades before Abbner Double Day was first know to have played the game. Did someone in Pittsfield invent the game of Base Ball? I’m thinking my Grandfather Clodios and Jesses could have invented the game of Base Ball way back in the year 6. Kids do play with each other. This is a possibility. I never said it really happen. I said it might have happen. I got an A + for the paper, and an A + in her class. As a matter if fact I had a perfect 4.0 average in Berkshire Community College. Whenever you have to write a paper if you can add in a little truth in the paper. As in Abbner Double Day did live in Coppers Town New York. Charlemagne was King of the Holy Roman Empire. And the Aquarian gospel did have Jesses Christ visiting every village. You can now add in some Bull larky and get away with it. Here is the fun part when you add in your personal pieces of your life. Make sure you say something like this could have happen, or I think this might have happen like this. This way you are not telling a-big lye. After discovering this way of writing every assignment was easy and fun to write. And yes I was than, and still am full of cow manure.

I did not intend to write a book and I do not intent to write another book. My wife and kids couldn’t stand the editing this book. Never mind editing another book for me. This story is about my life as I survived cancer, not how good of a writer I have become. All the writing, in all the stories you’re reading is just a small portion of the thing I did to survive my cancer. While cancer is the guiding theme of this story I am sooooooo much more than a cancer victim. As a matter of fact I do not conceder myself to be a victim at all. I’ve had the opportunity is experience cancer and all it’s treatments. When I talk to some starting their journey I have some insights that no one standing on the out side can come close to understanding. I have been given a gift. And I am truly blessed. I always believed if I keep myself busy with everyday activities I would not only beat this horrendous disease I would come out a better person. After reading my entire story you can decide for your self. How good of a writer I have become and if I am in fact a better person because of cancer.

I keep writing looking for the ideal phrase or paragraph with the right phrasing to convince you and anyone reading my story I have a stroke of brilliance with my pen in my stories. I keep wondering if there is something I can say to keep you and me captivated with my life with cancer. If I can write a phrase in my next sentence that might surprise you, then maybe you might be a little more inquisitive as to what I might say in the next paragraph. I know I have made fun of just about everyone I wrote about in my narrative. That’s just who I am. I used humor everyday to change my mind from wow is me, to this is not so bad, to this is cool. When ever a friend came over to see me. I always said this chemotherapy is easy. I feel awesome. No matter how sick I felt. I heard an old saying when you cry you cry alone. I would fake feeling good in front of everyone every time one of my friends would come over to see me. It was better than sitting alone.

I am not writing this book because my time with cancer needs to be written for the world to reed. I’m writing this book for myself. As I look at this story of my life over the last eight years and 75 days completing my journey was never a question in my mind. This writing does not put and end to my travels. It allows me to move on as a cancer survivor. I am not a victim of a terrible disease. I am a survivor of a terrible disease. Anyone reading the chronicle of my life, if you’re challenged with cancer or any life changing turn of events in your life. I encouraged you to get up every day and do something anything. I believed you have to think like a survivor too be a survivor. I really believe it all starts with your perspective. I am bigger than cancer, you are bigger than cancer, and cancer will never be bigger than you or me. I keep focused on the journey I was on with my family. The stories I chose to include in my narrative were a big part of my life. I felt keeping my mind engaged in some form of a daily exercise. Would not only take my mind off having cancer. It would add to my bodies’ strength to defeat my cancer. I never wanted to sit home and cry to bad for me. Maybe that’s why I’m still here.

September 2009 We are off on another cruse. I forgot where this place is. Who cares, it was fun running around the home-land of some past extinct civilization.

9. Put in September 2009 beach

This is the best place to work on my forms. The hot sand beneath my feet. This feels so good. Now I have to choose a form. No matter what form I do everyone watching will think it looks cool. I can make a mistake, mix two forms together, or just concoct movies together and everyone that will come up to me always says I don’t know what your doing but it looks good. Or what you just did looks fun.

October 1st, 2009 Danielle Riplley was just 17 years old when she was told she had colon cancer. This does not seem fair. She should be out with her friends having fun. Not worrying about stupid cancer.

Put in photo of Danielle Riplley

October 7th, 2009 The Pho Saigon is the best Vietnamese chow in western Massachusetts. Tonight they will have the glory of Marjorie and my present. In the 1960th, I never dreamed of eating Vietnamese food. Time heals all wounds and now I love their food.  And the people that run the restaurant have become great friends.

October 2009 every month I try to think of something different to write. I do some of the same things all the time. I’m just a victim of my own bad habits. I teach Karate, Kung Fu and T’ai Chi, I have gone on one cruse after another, I travel all over America, and France. Look out Europe Marjorie and I are planning an all summer long trip to Europe. What can I say that I have not said all ready? I just realized it. I have not put in a story about any trips to Africa. Africa is not part of Europe. I was a little sick when Marjorie and I took this little trip. Now you get a quick look at our North Africa excursion to the country of Algiers. The town is also called Algiers, the hotel is called the Casablanca. Does any of this writing ring a bell? Remember Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart? They acted in a movie called Casablanca. This is the hotel look on the front door you can read the name of the hotel. I thought I had a photograph of the piano where Katherine Hepburn said “I love that song, play it again sam”, but I can’t fine the photo.


This is the original boat the African Queen where Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn road out the storm. Some how the boat looked bigger in the movie.


Sometimes I can’t believe how this book evolved. Do you believe in evaluation? It’s not a hard question either you know it, or you don’t. If you do believe in God not evaluation and if you’re right and there is a God when we both die you can walk up to me and say I told you so. And if I’m right, I guess neither of us will ever know.

November 1st, 2009 Todd Colitti had a stage four-colon cancer and his story is very similar to mine. I could use a lot of his story as my story just change his name to mine. I met Todd and his wife Tammie at the photo shoot for the 2011 Colondar. Remember the reason for this story you’re reading? I am now Mr. July in the 2011 Colondar. Todd and Tammie are the cooks for the weekend. There must be 35 or 40 people at Mollies parents home for the weeklong photo shoot. Everyone must eat, and Todd and Tammie feed us all very well.

Put in photo of Todd Colitti

November 4th, 2009 The Dakota Restaurant is one of my favorite places to eat. I always get the prime rib. Even if all I want is a snack. This way I always get too bring home a doggie bag. I’ll have a great meal for work the next day. Most days Marjorie and I get the salad bar. Most salad bars I really don’t like. Dakota is the exception. They have one of the best salad bars around. Before we have our salad they always bring over some bread. This is also some of the best bread I’ve ever eaten. It’s dark bread made in their kitchen with molasses and wheat flower. It one of the healthiest bread you can eat. When you’ve eaten half your salad and before the meal comes my father in law Erving taught me to ask for some more bread, which the watress always bring over. Even if you don’t want any more bread ask for some more. After eating the some of the bread and Salad I’m always full and I have a king cut of Prime rib coming. The extra bread, and the prime rib always go’s in to a doggie bag.  Now you know why I ask for more bread.

November 2009 this is my first book and most likely going too be my last. An advanced writer might laugh and laugh out loud at all my writing. I’m all right with that. I’m not trying to be a great writer. I’m trying to write a story so I have a better understanding of my journey with cancer. I was a beginner with cancer and I’m a beginner in my writing. Most people with cancer reading my story might also be a beginner with cancer. I am one with you. We are on this journey together. You and me. The fact that I’m writing this book means I’ve beaten my cancer. Other wise there would not be a book at all, as I would not be here to write it. I beat my cancer with an attitude of a Martial Artiest. I never quit. I really believe I would beat this cancer and live to be 120 years old as the Yellow Emperor did back in 2,783 B C.

November 13th, 2009 Friday night clinic with a special guest Master Fred Villari. What a great bunch of guys every one is tossing each other around the room. And no one is tossing me anywhere. When it’s my turn I’m calmly fling someone around with no trouble. I hope Master Villari is looking at me now.

December 1st, 2009 Karen Bjornland is a great choice to end the year with. I’m a sucker for a pretty smile, and she has a beautiful smile. Now you know one of the reasons I fell in love with my wife Marjorie.  She has a gorgeous smile.

Put in photo of Karen Bjornland

December 7th, 2009 The Lion’s Den in Stockbridge Massachusetts gets Marjorie and me for the night. We are just having a sandwich and a beer. We are not looking to get drunk, that’s not the idea. And we are not staying out all night long. The idea is to go out and experience the Berkshire like a tourist. It’s our date night out. People come from all over the world to experience the life stile in western Massachusetts. And we live here. Everything tourists comes here and it’s in our back yard. We hardly ever drive any place in southern Berkshires in the summer. In the winter when the pain in the neck tourist leave almost all the restaurants have a two fur. Two meals for the price of one. That’s when we go out and take advantage of all the Berkshire has to offer.

December 25th, 2009 Christmas if you read the last nine years you know I go over the top with all my shopping. This year is no exception.


December 31st Marjorie birthday if she was born in 194?????. That will make her 39 years old. Did I do my math right? I’m planning a quite dinner just the two of us. That’s all you have too know.

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Episode 12 Chapter one

The sequel Episode 12 Chapter one

What can I say


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Episode 9 Chapter three

Episode 9 The Final, Final Chapter three

January 1st 2009 Libby Dunn was a 23 years old college student when she was told she had stage III colon cancer. When I was in college I was drinking beer. Just think what she went thru instead of just being a kid studding with her friends.

January 2009 I’m still having a hard time controlling my bowls. Marjorie is constantly telling me I work to hard. It’s been nine years from when I was first told I had cancer. And I expect to be back to normal by now. I know I work too hard. My wife is right I do need to take a break. When I was a kid I work as a carpenter. Many weeks I worked a six-day workweek. Working from 7 in the morning to dark all summer. In August 22nd, 1983 when I open my own Fred Villari Karate School. I worked from 7 in the morning to 11 at night, Monday to Thursday. On Friday I would drive from Pittsfield Massachusetts out in Western Massachusetts to Boston for a karate lesson. I’d always be opening up on Saturday morning for classes at 9 in the morning and close down at 12 noon. On Sunday morning we would meet for T’ai Chi in a different beautiful park in the Berkshires all spring, summer, and fall. After T’ai Chi we all would have a cup of coffee, and a bagel. On Monday morning I would start all over again. What a great life. My students would come in and we would play karate for an hour. Than they all would go home and say thanks Master Bonnevie for the great class. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to have all the fun teaching that I had.

To day is a good day to Stretch my mind. I know what your thinking mind altering drugs of some sort. No, No, No the sixties are over. I did not think drugs were cool back than, and I don’t think they are cool now.  I actually would not put anything in my body that would take control of my mind or body. It January and it’s cold out side and I’m staying warm all winter. My body is my temple. And you should take care of your mind along with your body. You can do this mind altering stretching non cardiovascular exercise. Just follow my instructions. First I lie on the floor, now close your eyes, and take a deep breath or two. Now in your mind image looking at yourself moving with your Shaolin forms. “O” you don’t have any Shaolin forms. It’s never too late to start taking care of your body and mind. Look me up and I’ll teach you a move or two.

Doing all my Shaolin form in my mind, while lying on the floor is not hard. While I’m consecrating on a form my mind has a place to go. Try just meditating. Trying to clear my mind thinking of nothing is near impossible for me. Thoughts keep coming up in my mind all the time. I think I’m too A. D. D. Master Villari calls it chattering monkeys. That’s when your bran won’t stop thinking of something. My A. D. D. mind is always running with a monkey thinking somewhere. Trying not to think of anything is hard. The only way I can get back to meditating is to think of what ever comes up in my mind. Think of it new let the thought go. This way I can address what came up in my mind and move on.

February 1st, 2009 Jon Olis was 36 years old when he was told he had stage III colon cancer. His entire colon was remover but he still ride a mountain pedal bike and is in great shape.

February 2009 Marjorie and I are going to Florida for a brief winter break. We have been making this trip for the last 12 years. The last trip we found a new bar on the beach called Pegs. The young lady has a simple menu of bar food. And her son is making several beers right on the site. Really out on a back deck he is making great beer right out in the open, no building, no roof. The sky is over his head all day. And I do like his dark beer.

Put in photo of the brewery

My Doctor told me he saved me from cancer he does not want me to die from getting a bad liver. A glass of red wine is hearth health. Don’t be a lush and drink the whole bottle One drink a day is my new limit. If all I can have is one drink I make it a good drink. No cheap light beer for me. Believe it or not this set up makes a delicious brew.

February 2009 when we git home from Florida I received a short e-mail from Molly saying I was not chosen to be a model again this year. It’s been almost six months sense I’ve had any contact with Molly. I almost forgot about her. Do you remember who she is? I’ve never seen her. I didn’t marry her. I teased her is she now teasing me. To me she’s just some lady making a calendar looking for colon cancer survivors as models. She said she will keep my file for next year, and she thanks me for applying to be a model. I sent her back this e-mail teasing her.

Dear Molly Mc Master;

I wanted to thank you for rejecting me again. Are you going to reject me every year? I’ve been kicked out of bars in less then 20 minutes. Good job by me. Please I’m not upset. I just hope you know the 2010 Colondar hasn’t got a chance of selling one million copies without me as the July Center Fold.

This year I didn’t apply. And last year, it was my sister-in-law Nancy that entered me in your Colondar. It’s all right to file my autobiography in your pile of rejects for good. I’m not going to cry. After last year I feel like an old horse road hard and put away wet. I can let it go! Can you?

Last year on February 7th, 2008, you wrote me an e-mail. You said you were sorry to inform me that I wasn’t chosen for the 2009 calendar. I don’t know why you didn’t want me then and I don’t know why you don’t want me now. Please don’t feel uncomfortable rejecting me. I don’t feel like a piece of raw chicken drooped on the floor. I know my boyish looks have long sense passed me buy. I didn’t have any intentions of applying this year for 2010 Colondar. Once is enough to be cast off like an old fishing line.

I didn’t save a copy of my original autobiography I sent to you, and my memory of what I wrote is all I have, and I can’t remember what I sent to you. My wife Marjorie tells me I never had a mind to lose.

After your copy of my time with cancer I sent to you. I rewrote and rewrote my autobiography adding in countless events I participated in over the last eight years. I was amazed at all the events I did do. Thanks for the memories Molly. I did have a lot of pleasurable experiences while on this cancer excursion.

I have a few ideas why you abandoned me for 2009 and now the 2010 Colondar. I’m more than just an empty bottle of wine. You can read all my ideas of why I think you discarded me like yesterday’s old newspaper on the bottom of a bird cage, or skip over them and click this e-mail right into the your recycling been.

I’ll never know why you deleted me. One billion three hundred million Chinese won’t know, and most likely won’t care either. One billion three hundred million and one, the one is me. All of us won’t feel rejected. If we counted everyone in the entire world you would be the only one feeling guilty for not putting me in your circle of Colondar friends. As a matter of fact the collective feeling of the entire universe will not even show a blimp on any measuring device. Rest at ease Molly, a star track ship sercombe navigating the cosmos can’t find anything living or not that will be trouble with your decision. You now can close this ridiculous E-mail and have a great day.

When the 2010 Colondar is finished can I still buy a copy? I pick up a copy of the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and the 2009 and would like a copy of the 2010 for my collection.

March 1st, 2009 Trish Lannon was 39 when she was told she had stage three-colon cancer. Young and in shape she makes a great month of March. I see why Molly rejected me. I look myself and I see an old man. What happen to my young looks? When did I start looking my age? I think I’ll blame Dr Shivdasani for my new old man looks. It was all his chemotherapy that turned me from a young 18-year-old looking woman pleasing boy body. Into a 55 year old looking man body that I have today.

March 21st, 2009 Saturday Julie Guido is having a winter regional tournament. This is a small event and I’m going to judge all day. I brought a couple of students down with me and they all won a trophy. What a fun day. Thank you Julie. I know I’ve been out for a long time. It’s good to get back even if I have to go slow and sit down a lot. Most days when I do show up I should have stayed home. To days a great day. I wonder why some days I have good control of my bowels and some days I seem to have no control at all.

March 2009 I’m teaching in my karate school. To day the kid’s class was tough to teach. During the adult class I sat in my office for most of the class. When the T’ai Chi class started I open the class with a few opening word of wisdom pick one of my students to start the beginner Chi Kung and Wu Chi warm up. I than went in to the bathroom. It was about a half hour when I came out. I walked around the room once said everyone looks fine and to contuse doing what they are doing. I than went back in to the bathroom for another half hour. When I finely came out the one hour class was over. I said a few closing words and everyone thanked me for coming out of the bath room. I will find a way to teach some day, or I will make one up. I have heard men only use 10% of their brain. If I could only have a bran change I might come out ahead. Who could I get too give me there brain. I know a Monkey is close to a human. It might work, but the monkey would be the loser. As days go this one will go too

April 2009 1St, 2009 Alliaon Sandor was a newlywed similar too me she was told her cancer spread to her lung. My difference my cancer spread to my liver. To day we are both health and wiser coming out of all the cancer treatments.

April 2009 Marjorie and I are off

April 2009 after the colorectal cancer it took me about a year to relearn a Shaolin form called Five Dragons Facing The Four Winds. I don’t want to lose this fun form again. I can’t perform this form now, as it should be. That’s all right with me. I know I’ll never kick over my head any more. With the spinning moves, I walk around slowly. If I go too fast I can feel the earth spinning under my feet or is it spinning in my head? The last time I was doing the form at a workout was in December. Ninth Degree Master Marc Grupposo was looking at me. I remember I was spinning slowly around kicking to the shinbone. When Master Grupposo walked up to me and calmly said to me Frank the kicks go to the head. I had to say I know. I can’t kick any more, high, or hard. When I do try to kick I lose control of my bowels. He said “I understand please don’t kick above the shinbone ever again in front of me”

There is a fall in Five Dragons Facing The Four Winds. Image you’re falling backwards in to a pool. Now take out the pool. This move is not met for the week at heart, or mind, and body. As you fall back you kick someone in the groin. It’s not that I just don’t want to fall down anymore. The fall starts in a standing position and you fall on your back as if you are falling in a pool of water really. The fall was so easy to do before cancer. Now it’s a killer for me. When I had my two surgeries the doctors had to use kryptonite knife to cut open my stomach. Now my stomach is soft, I have to fake the fall. To do the fall right is out if the question for me now. I have to turn around put my knee on the floor slowly sit on my side than role over on to my back. To stand up I look like an old spastic man that should not be doing this form anymore. I’m going to try to explain how to do the form. You might be better looking up Five Dragons Facing The Four Winds on the computer. Look under the search engine U Tube.

I know most of the moves will not make since to you if you’re not a Shaolin Master.

Maybe you should learn some Shaolin with me.


  1. Bow than bring your hands up as if your watching the sun rise.
  2. To your right move your left hand with palm block right hand back punch.
  3. To your left side right hand palm block. Left hand back fist right hand pale heal
  4. Back to the right side right hand block high left hand open tigers month neck, right hand block down left hand palm to hold, right hand back fist to face.
  5. Squat down with both hands pull the ankles in towards you.
  6. Double punch groin, stomach, chest.
  7. Twin palm heals to the chin.
  8. Double chicken wrist to the sides.
  9. Double Crain beaks to the eyes
  10. Left hand cross hand block, right hand ridge hand to the temple.
  11. Double rake the eyes
  12. Right hand pull the back of the head down and left forearm hit the back of the neck, right forearm hit the back of the neck, left forearm hit the back of the neck, all three in a beat down motion.
  13. Double elbows to the sides, double punches to under the chin
  14. Establish the guard while changing your stance
  15. Crescent kick, reverse crescent kick, crescent kick, iron broom.
  16. Right hand back fist left hand palm, left hand back fist, and right hand spear poke.
  17. Turn to the right double punch than putt in the a throw
  18. Kick up right foot front ball kick to the groin, left-hand poke the neck.
  19. Left right palm blocks roil hands double back fist the chest
  20. Double back punch groin, double thrust punch stomach, double front punch face
  21. Small iron fortress right hand three-finger grab.
  22. Crescent kick, reverse crescent kick, crescent kick, iron broom right hand back fist the groin.
  23. Look right look left step left foot to the right once, twice, three steeps.
  24. Stand on left foot right leg in crane stance
  25. Step down right foot left foot front ball kick groin.
  26. Right, left, right, left palm blocks right hand palm to elbow.
  27. Fall down slap out front thrust kick to groin.
  28. Roil over back kick to groin.
  29. Stand up left, right, left, right, palm blocks, trap hand right palm face.
  30. Punch left right punch, left right punch, left right punch, turn around on guard.
  31. Turn around left right punch, left right punch, left right punch, turn around on guard.
  32. Hammer right blocks, hammer left blocks, hammer right blocks, hammer left blocks, block up left punch right chest.
  33. Step to the right, right forearm block up left hand open tigers mouth throat sidekick.
  34. Right footstep forward left hand block hi, right hand reverse snake punch face.
  35. Right foot step forward, right hand thrust punch face, left hand punch groin
  36. Bring your hands up as if your watching the sun rise, and bow you are done.

Remember I’m doing all this in my mind while I’m lying on the floor with my eyes closed. I’m going to have to do a form a day. Stretching my bran meditating on a form takes time. I started yesterday doing nothing. How do I do more of nothing to day? And have Marjorie believe I’m doing something with nothing tomorrow?

May 1st, 2009 Jaimie Mattes was a 32 year old young man when he was told he had colon cancer. At stage II he still had his entire colon removed. Now he is in good health talking about colon cancer all the time

Remember the Christmas gift Marjorie gave me to Peter Luger Steak house in New York City. This is one of the best steak restaurants in the world. They have been around sense 1887. Family own and run. I was fortunate to have watched a T V show about Peter Luger’s and how they buy their beef. The young lady buying the beef was looking at a big piece of beef hanging on a hook. She quickly expands why she wanted this cut and not the other. They all look the same to me. Than she smiled and said the restaurant down the road will be serving the beef she rejected tomorrow. All the beef she was buying will hanging in a room for 30 days. The steak house will cook the beef for someone like you and me in a month. I think she called it dry ageing.

I’ve known about this restaurant sense I was about 15 years old. I would have gone to it years ago but I lived in Boston and the restaurant was in New York City. Now I live in Lee, Massachusetts just a few hours north of New York City. It’s my birthday and I’m calming my Christmas gift for my birthday.

Four of us are going to New York City for this special streak dinner. Marjorie sister Nancy, her boy friend Monty, and of course Marjorie and I. There are two Peter Luger to go to. I’m told the original restaurant is the one to go to. We are off to 176-178 Broadway Street in Brooklyn New York.

Sometimes the anticipation is greater than the event. In the cast of this restaurant it is clear the money is not used to fix up the place. The out side looks like an old brick building. Something with some old world charm in side. The inside looks as if it was redone in the 1960. There is no old world charm. Definitely a remake would be in order.

Put in photo of the out side of Peter Lugar’s restaurant.

In this case the 40-year wait is worth the delay. The beef is dry aged for about a month before they will cook the beef. I do not know what dry ageing does in a month. Whenever I leave any meet in my refrigerator too long it starts to mole and I end up tossing it out. I was told there is only one way to order the beef. The beef is the real reason everyone comes in here. You say beef for then number of people at your table. We had four people in our party so we order beef for four. The beef comes cooked medium rare. If you like your beef well done you eat the out side. If you like your beef rare you eat the center

Monty had an old Peter Luger’s charge card form backing the 1960. He told us he went to Peter Luger’s Steakhouse quite often in the 1960th. He was going to use his Peter Luger credit card as it is still activated. This is a 50 years old charge card, I’m thinking is it any good? Once you have a Peter Luger charge card your charge card is good for life.

I was told the mob met here to plan who was to do what, to who, and when. I’m wondering is Peter luger’s Steakhouse an old mob house? I was not going to ask.

Something’s are better left unsaid Mob, did I say Mob? I met mop, yar mop, that’s what I met mop, mop. Everything is evaporating from my mind. Every day they mop the floor. I don’t want to end up swimming in the Hudson River.

June 1st, 2009 Shaye Dunn was 36 when she was told she had colon cancer After a year the cancer showed up in her left lung and had a wedge of her lung removed.

June 2009 Marjorie and I are driving too West Hampton Massachusetts looking for a spot to eat. It’s not the food we just want a sandwich. We wanted to go someplace different for lunch. After parking the car we walked around until we found an old bar she ate and drank at frequently during her college days. North Hampton is a fun little town with a thriving main street. After our lunch we walked down the main drag just enjoying everyone and everything. All of a sudden Marjorie and I both stopped and looked in to the front window of a new restaurant.

If you ever find yourself in North Hampton look for the Lhasa Cafe at 159 Main Street. It’s right down town, and real easy to find. After traveling all the way to North Hampton you would have to be nuts if you don’t not try this American version of a traditional Tibetan restaurant. I don’t know why I call it an America version if the cooks are really from Tibet. Here you can experience genuine Tibetan cuisine in an old world Tibet restaurant in a new world setting. America! The best part is you do not have to travel half way around the world crossing the treacherous Himalaya Mountains. Drive down a dreadfully dirty dirt road. Maybe falling in to a 1600-foot ravine. Possibly getting eating by a snow leopard. Just to enjoy a traditional Tibetan restaurant. And be home before the baby sitter has to go to school the next day.

For starters I like the Shogok Khatsa. Potatoes that are sliced and sautéed with Cilantro, Garlic, Onions, Ginger. A great appetizer. I’ll never remember the names of the meal. I’m glade I took a to go menu from the Lhasa Cafe for this short story.

One of my favorite meals are Tibetan dumpling. If you like dumpling as I do you have to try a couple of these. I always forget what the Tibetans call a dumpling until I see them on the menu. Mo-Mo. You can choose from many traditional Mo-Mo. The Mo-Mos, I like the best are made with Mushrooms, Garlic, Spinach, and Scallion.

After driving all this way you have to try a meal you can’t get in any other American restaurant. A Tibet cow is called a Yak. Yaks are like an American cow only harry. Yaksha Metok Ngo-Tsel in one of my favorite beef meals. It has taken me years to say that name, and with out a to go menu I could never spell that right. I have to look at the menu or I can remember how too say any Tibetan meal I’m looking for. This meal is a simple Sliced yak, with carrots, red peppers, and broccoli all sautéed to gathered with a few special Tibetan spices added in. Any Yak meet meal is yummy.

Remember your European history from high school? I remember I had to learn something about a man named Marko Polo? Think back to your history classes in High School. Marko traveled to China and brought back pasta to the Italians. The Tibetans have had spaghetti for over 5,000 years. The Tibetan’s word for pasta is “The land of Angels”. You have to try a Tibetan dish called Yakshu Gyathuk it’s Egg noodle served in a hearty stew with cabbage, carrots, peas, spinach, and of course chunks of Yak meat are diced up and added in. Marko should have brought back Yak or two along with the spaghetti.

After traveling all this way to North Hampton too experience a true Tibetan culture you would have to be nuts to not try a traditional drink. It’s called a Bocha. It’s a Tibetan tea lightly buttered, salted, and churned with milk. This takes a little getting used to. As the saying goes when in Tibet do as the Tibetan do.

I’m glad I am writing this story about the Tibetan Lhasa Café with the time too edit my American-Tibetan tale a couple of times before you get to read it. I know sometimes I don’t think before I speak. It’s not like I want to be as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth. Sometimes my A. D. D. mind has my thoughts so loud I can’t here my month talking. And sometimes my month is running so fast, and so loud I can’t here my thoughts before they all comes out of my head and in to my writing.

When I’m home I like to make a meal I ate in Tibet quite a few times. Sr. Edmond Hillary called this a reveres world burger. To kill a Yak cow you have to make a Yak reveres world burger. Anyone can make this meal and yes you can substitute an American cow for a Tibetan Yak cow. First sauté a lot of onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and maybe a Jalapeño pepper or two in a one foot wide Teflon coated fry pan about the size of a dinner plate. I like to fill the fry pan ½ full. I like a lot of goodies in my burger. While they are all cooking down. The fun part. Lay down two pieces of parchment or wax paper on the counter. With your hands spread out the Yak hamburger meat in to a thin ½ inch patty as big as a dinner plate making two big patties. Now pile all the goodies you just sautéed in the center on one of the patties. I like to add in a little blue cheese at this time. Spread the goodies equally all over the hamburger. Now place another thin patty on top and with your fingers pinch the Hamburg all around the edge tightly.

For some the hard part is cooking this big Yak burger. I find it easy, and fun. I slide a dinner plate under the parchment paper on the counter. The burger will slide on to the plate, as it will still be stuck to the parchment paper you placed on the counter. Place a big Teflon fry pan over the dinner plate and flip over. Slowly peal the parchment paper off and start cooking. When the bottom is cooked place a dinner plate on top of the ½ cooked burger and flip the fry pan over. Now grab another dinner plate place it on top of the burger you just removed from the fry pan and flip it over again. Now you can place the big Teflon fry pan over the dinner plate and flip over again. If I said that right the burger you have should have the cooked side up, and your uncooked side is down on the Teflon fry pan. In Tibet we would add some Yak chesses on the top making it a cheeses Sr. Edmond Hillary reveres world burger. Yes! You can swap American chesses for the Yak cheese.

I buy two thin pizza crust for the top and bottom buns of my American cheeses Sr. Edmond Hillary reveres world burger. I put the pizza crust on a plate add on some catsup, mustard, relish quickly flip over the plate and pizza crust on the burger in the fry pan. Flipping the fry pan over I drop another pizza crust on the burger. I add a little butter to the fry pan and flip back the burger in the fry pan for a few minutes. Flip it over twice and toasting the other side and I done. Flip one last time on to a dinner plate cutting the burger in two pie shape burgers and I serve six people.

There is so much to learn in the world. This meal is always a hit. And you thought I was studying Shaolin Kempo Karate all the time I was in Tibet. Everyone has to eat. I say travel often and eat and drink what every culture has to offer. You can’t learn about the world sitting in your living room watching T V. Travel offend and make the traveling part of the fun of getting there.

July 1st, 2009 Terri Valentine is the young lady that beat me as the July Centerfold. She was 45 when she was told she hade a stage one colon cancer. She lives in North Little Rock Arkansas and when Marjorie and I are traveling around the country I’d like to stop in and say congratulation her for beating me in the Colondar.

Ps. I made a post script after all this writing.  That’s right!  I know! let it go Frank.  I wanted you to see Terri Valentine the young girl that beat me as the July center fold.

She only had a sissy level one cancer. I would like to meet her some day and congratulate her on becoming Miss. July.

I had a man cancer level four. Almost everyone beats level one cancer. Only 5% beat level four cancers.

Her scar is way more pronounced than mine. Is it my fault I heal better and my scars do not show?

She only had one major surgery. I had two major surgery, and countless little operations.

She was 45 years old when she was told she had cancer. It was on my 46 birthday when I was told.

She had a few lymph nodes removed. Big deal we all had lymph nodes removed what is lymph.

She only had part of her colon removed. I had 1/3 of my colon, 2/3 of my rectum, and 2/3 of my liver, plus misalliances organs like gallbladder and lymph nodes removed. Come to think of it I think of my nodes why ear they called limph nodes at all. I bet my doctor would call my nodes strong nodes

She was diagnosed and had only one surgery.

I was diagnosed and had 27 days on radiation and chemotherapy before I started my first surgery.

She did not need any additional treatment.

I had a port-a-cath put in my chest, chemotherapy for 36 weeks, and an ileostomy bag.  And I could keep going.

I think I kicked her butt.  And I should have been Mr. July 2009

Now after reeding all my word of wit about the last 8 years and 75 days of my life you get to decide if I’m truly nuts or it’s just an elusion. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to reed my story.

This is the end of The Sequel Episode Nine Chapter One. But not the end of my writing. You get to be the lucky reader to be able to read more of my narratives in the up and coming Episode in ten Chapter one.

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Episode 9 Chapter one

Episode 9 Chapter one

August 2008 Marjorie and I are going on the Allagash trip I had planned with the Boy Scouts.  This little trip of 100 miles of lakes and rivers is in a remote region of Maine.  Everything we need must fit in a canoe.

Some people are minimalist when they camp.   Taking only what they need.  Marjorie and I are maximum campers.  If we think need it we bring it, if we don’t need it we being it anyway.   With proper planning we had everything we needed, even an ice-cold bottle of beer on our last day of camping.  And how did we plan an Ice-cold beer. It’s easy I went to see a friend Terry Mc Bee working at Georges Liquor store and redemption center. Terry swapped with me my empty beer cans for a one litter plastic bottle. I cut off the tops off and filled the bottle with small stones. I than put three bottles on one side of a cooler and three bottles on the other side of the cooler with an inch of water, and put the cooler in the frizzier. The next day I added two-pieces of chicken and some corn with three inches of water.  I keep adding layers every day for three days until I had the cooler filled to the top with frozen food and six one litter bottles full of rocks. When we were ready to leave on the trip I turn the cooler up side down and dumped out the rocks. In the now empty little bottle I slide in a bottle of beer. We had three cooler with six beers in each cooler. You can’t get and better than this. And yes on the way home a thimble for my mom.

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior pushing the canoe in the lake. And look at Frank’s Belly. Wow he really let himself go. Maybe he is 1 or 2 month from having a baby.

Marjorie and the canoe with everything we needed, or did not need but we brought it along anyway.


This is my idea of camping. A glass of red wine at the end of the day.

Marjorie in red her jacket.

This Moose is lucky I have a camera to shoot the Moose with. My brother would have his gun and we would all have Moose meat is out frizzer. On second thought that might be a good thing after all. Have you ever had Moose meat meat balls? Until you have had my balls you do not know what your missing.

After eight years of cancer treatments, my son Frank Elzeard Bonnevie the third still continues to stop in two or three times a week to see how I am doing.  Whenever he sees me picking up something heavy, or working too hard he jumps in and grabs what ever I have in my hands and caries it for me.  Buy the way he is almost a Master Carpenter and he is only 21 years old.  He built most of Marjorie and my retirement home on Laurel Lake.   Sometimes Frank Elzeard Bonnevie the third makes me so proud.

Marjorie’s son David calls on the telephone two or three times a week also.  David is now a doctor.  When Marjorie and I get old we hope David keeps us supplied with happy drugs, whatever they are.

Jamie is Marjorie’s daughter and Jamie asked me if I would walk her down the aisle with her father. I told her this honor should be reserved for her father.  Jamie sat me down and said she wanted us both.  It is her wedding, and I am so proud of her, I would be honored to walk her down the aisle with her father, but this should be her father and her walk. Not mind. Thank you for asking.

Marjorie son Jesse just went off to college.  He pretends to be a tough kid, but I know he’s a softy.  He gives me a big hugs and calls all the time.

My daughter Erika is in North Carolina.  And I call on the phone almost every week.  Her boyfriend Seth is studying at Duke University.  Erika went to Wesleyan Collage and graduated one of the top students.  One winter Erika and Seth studied abroad in England.  Marjorie and I tried to visit her and could not arrange the trip.  In 2009 Erika is going back to England for her Masters Degree.  Marjorie and I are going to visit her sometime in the winter of 2009 or spring of 2010.   We are not going to miss this trip.

I was worried about my kids and how they’d react with me going through this cancer treatment.  I now know I have nothing to worry about.  My children have all turn out to be fine young adults.

My health is coming back and I’m having more fun with my job than anyone should be aloud.  I’m lucky I feel so good Fred Villari is having a 40th, Anniversary Martial Arts Tournament, and Clinic.  I’ve been around for over 30 years.  I remember when we had only 18 schools.  Now we have hundreds of schools.  I know I can’t get involved in the work – out, but I’m going to the Clinic and Tournament.

September 12th, 2008 remember back in the spring when Doctor Shivdasani wants one more colonoscopy before my next appointment.  This is the day.  And this is my eighth, ninth, maybe my tenth colonoscopy.  I’ve had countless colonoscopy.  As a matter of fact, I really can’t remember how many I’ve had.  Sometimes being a doctor the jobs you may get are not the most exciting.  Image coming home from a day’s work and your wife say’s.  How was your day dear?  And all you did all day was look up people’s butts.  The only butt I want to look at is a pork butt cooking on a grill.

After my last meeting with Dr, Shivdasani on March 13th, I stopped in to see Doctor Taylor my primary care physician to get a referral.  I did this right after my last appointment with Dr, Shivdasani for a very important reason.  The first one to call for an appointment gets the first the first appointment of the day.  It’s best to get an early morning colonoscopy.  I know I’m really supposed to see Dr Taylor before I see Dr. Fanelli.  This drill is engraved in to my mind.  At least what is left of my mind?

When I called Dr. Fanelli office and asked for the first appointment of the day I had to wait until September 12th, for the first appointment of the day.  That’s 184 days later.  It is a good thing we don’t have long waiting lines for health care in America.  Maybe we should make our politicians use the same health plan (we the people) have to use. Than maybe they would take health care serious.

The day before my last colonoscopy I drank a Galion of my favorite drink a Green Apple Martini.  I think maybe I remember that wrong.   The drink was called a choke and gag drink.  Maybe that is not the name of the drink either.  I remember now it is called Easy – go – lightly.  Only a sadistic person could call a drink like this Easy – go – lightly.

It’s finely the day for my last colonoscopy.  I hope some day someone finds a drink that is better than this Easy – Go – Lightly.  I wonder whom came up with that name Easy – Go – Lightly?  I could drink a gallon of beer easier.  This Easy – Go – Lightly drink should be called the Choke and Gag drink.  Anyways I drank the whole thing.

I always try to arrange my colonoscopies first thing in the morning.  This way I don’t have to sit around all day starving.  The nurses seem to all know what is going on.  Where is Dr. Fanelli?

Here comes Dr. Fanelli, he seems in to be in good spirits, drinking a coffee, telling jokes.   It’s good to have a happy doctor.   I wonder if he knows my sister is Crisco I mean Lynn Conant, she is one of his best surgical technicians?  She tells me she likes to work with Dr Fanelli the best.   Ok that’s enough of a kiss up for Lynn.

It’s time for my Colonoscopy I wonder if he is really doing anything.  When he walks over to my side its naptime for me.  Good night Doctor Fanelli.  When I wake up he is never there.  I’m wondering did he really do anything. I’m always sleeping I don’t know if he’s doing anything or not. Maybe he just had a coffee and billed my insurance company for another colonoscopy.  How would I know I’m sleeping?  I do like the drugs he uses to keep me sleeping.  They remind me of the sixths. Thank Dr. Fanelli.

October 2nd, 2008 my last visit at Dana – Farber and of course I’m bringing in apples for my last visit.  Cindy Bartlett is a wonderful woman.  Again she is donating three bushels of apples.  I’ll pass them out to everyone with a white doctor’s jacket on.  Thank you, Cindy. This is my last visit in Boston. Eight years 76 days from the day I was first told I had cancer to my last day.  I have the procedure engraved into my mind.  At least what is left of my mind?  First I have to see my private infusion nurse Elizabeth Colley. Come to think of it, after only 8 years and 76 day I figured it out. She is not an infusion nurse. Beth is an ex-fusion nurse.  When someone infusions you they are putting something in you. After the first year all Beth has been doing is removing my blood and brain matter. She is an ex-fusion specialist. I don’t know if specialist is the right word ether. A specialist means she know what she is doing.

As she walks out of the swamp in the back room I can clearly see this back room has the making of a great Swamp Monster Movie.

I am now five years cancer free.  I have been thrown out of bars in less than 20 minutes.  Dana – Farber is a little slow.

I’m being turned over to my primary care physician in Pittsfield doctor Taylor.  It is my choice.  This way Dana – Farber now has room for someone starting their cancer journey like I was 8 years ago.  On one hand I don’t want to let go of the best Oncology Doctor in the world Ramesh A. Shivdasani and best infusion nurse in the United States of America, Elizabeth Cooley.  And on the other hand, it’s time to give my time slot to someone starting their cancer journey like I was eight years ago.  To who ever gets my time slot?  Don’t worry you have two of the best at your side.

After eight years at Dane Farber and Brigham Women’s Hospital I only had to pay only one $5.00 co-pay.   Both hospitals billed my insurance company for thousands of dollars.  It’s good to have good health insurance.  Now that Marjorie and I are looking to retire, health care is tops on our list of thing to continue to have.  I hope Barack Obama can fix health care so Marjorie and I can afford stop working.

I have some great scars, but I am here, and I am now 54 years old. I didn’t expect to make it past my 46th birthday.  One can never say “Thank you” enough, at the risk of repeating my-self again.

Thank you, Robert Taylor.  Your quick response with my bowel problem saved my life as much the surgery and chemotherapy.

Thank you, Dr Demarco.  When you did my sigmoidoscopy and removed the five cancer biopsies this was the start of saving my life.

Thank you, Dr. Robert Fanelli.  I know you would have liked to have performed my cancer surgeries.  I lived in Boston and when you told me I had Cancer I knew where I was going for treatment.  In the last eight years you have done all my colonoscopies.  Every time I went into your office I always felt at ease.  You and your office staff has gone beyond a doctor patient relationship.  Thank you.

Thank you, Dr. James Armatruda. Your compassion over the phone, and your calming approach with cancer was what I needed to hear.

Thank you, Dr. Jason H Lee.  I did not know how important those tattoos were, and to have me lay on my stomach was less embarrassing than lying on my back.

Thank you, Dr. Ramesh A. Shivdasani.  Without your caring approach with chemotherapy, I might not be here today.

Thank you, Dr. Stanley W. Ashley.  I can’t thank you enough for my colorectal and liver surgeries?  I owe my life to you also.

Thank you to my infusion nurse, Elizabeth Cooley.  You did not know this, but no matter how sick I felt, when I heard your voice and saw your smiling face, you brought a smile to my face.  And I said to myself, “I can do one more week”. Thank you, Beth.

Thank you, Chris.  Chris is my main man behind the counter.  For the last 8 years, Chris checked me in and always had a kind word and a smile.  His encouragement helped to keep me going through some trying emotional times.

Thank you, Ana.  Ana always laughed, gave me a big hug, and checked my blood and weight.  Then she smiled and said, “You’re doing fine”.  Sometimes a little hug is such a big thing.

I cannot mention everyone who helped save my life along the way.  To everyone at Dana Farber and Brigham Women’s Hospital, “Thank you, to all of you”.  Your generosity of spirit and dedication to treating and finding a cure for cancer saved my life.  A “Thank you” just does not seem to be enough.

I met a lot of wonderful people on my journey.  Many helped me stand up when I could not walk, many suffered along with me, and a many did not make it.  I only hope that I can serve as and inspiration to anyone who starting their journey with cancer, just keep getting up you to can beat this!

Do you remember the reason for my way to long autobiography?  Think back to the beginning of my life’s story with cancer.  Remember Molly McMaster, her Colon Cancer Club, and a calendar she calls the Colondar.  I’m sorry to write I was not chosen to be the 2009 July Center Fold. Terri Valentine beat me as Miss July.  I think I would have been a better Mr. July.   If you get a chance look her up Molly@colonclub.com or her Colondar at www.COLONDAR.com.  Maybe you could buy a colander and support some cancer research.

Even thro I was dumped I am still honored to be able to write for Molly McMaster and her Colondar, and although my story was not chosen, I hope I inspire someone, somewhere to have the courage to persist and never give up.  You are not alone.  We all care.

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Episode 8 Chapter two

Episode 8 Chapter two

January 2008 I bought my first Colondar the 2008 issue. I wanted  to see what I might be getting myself into. Maybe you the reader might get inspired and go to Colondar.com and check out the Colondar. Perhaps you too will buy a Colondar or two. If you have read all my words of wit you might want to find out more about the inspirations behind all my writing. I think it’s for certain Molly’s going to inspire someone as she has inspired me to write about my life with cancer. Why not you? I have been told everyone has a story to tell.

If you did have colon cancer, or going thought the treatments now, and you are under 50 years old you too can apply to be in the next Colondar. Maybe your luck will be better than mine. And Molly will put you in the Colonder. She has to put someone in as a Centerfold. It could be you!

I am going to put in the photograph of Rich Abercrombie January 2008 in my blog. Go Rich your inspiring me to contuse writing. Unlike Molly that dropped me like a bag of old trash. You have inspiring me to persist in my write. I was getting a little tired of writing. This little bit about of writing about Molly and you was just the pick me up I needed to carry on.  The two of you will most likely in no way ever reed any of my writing wit. Maybe I just inspired myself. One will never know.

January 17th, 2008 I asked family members and friends to send an E –Mail to Molly asking her to put me in the Colondar for the month of July 2009. I was thinking just quick e – mail letter would be a great idea.

January 17th, 2008 at 10.05 P.M. Nancy Shulman sent in the first E-Mail urging Molly to put me in the Colondar. She is the one that got me interested in the Colondar. It is a good thing for her,  she send in an e-mail. Or I would be teasing her to no end for her starting this whole Molly and being in the Colondar.

January 17th, 2008 at 10.24 P.M. Jamie Finkelstein sent in the second e-mail. Go Jamie! She is my best daughter Jamie. She sent in an awesome e-mail maybe I should find the first five e-mail and put the e-mail in for your reading enjoyment.

January 18th, 2008 at 12:44 A. M. Erik Wroldson sent in the third e-mail. This young man is a third degree black belt I’ve know him sense he was a young lad of 10 years old. Way back in a time long ago between 1983 and 1885.

January 18th, 2008 at 5:20 A.M. Elizabeth Azar was the fourth e-mail. My wife Marjorie has known Bet since David was born. If I remember right Bet and Marjorie were in the hospital at the same time having baby boys.

January 18th, 2008 at 7:01 A.M. Scott Bloonberg was the fifth e-mail. Scott is Marjorie sister Nancy’s son. It was Nancy that turned my name in to Molly. Scott’s mother is directly responsible for everything I write. If you disagree with anything I wrote, contact Nancy and ask her to set the record right.

Can you image Molly starting work at 8:00 in the morning and having five e-mails waiting for her to start her day? In just two more hours she had ten e-mails.

By January 21st, four days latter Molly had received around 60 e-mails and a few snail mails also.  This is when she sent me an e-mail asking if I could ask my family and friends to stop sending in e-mails as she was over loaded with all the e-mails and did not have the time to send a proper response to all the e-Mails.

January 17th 2008 I asked family members and friends to send an E –Mail to Molly asking her to put me in the Colondar for the month of July.  I was thinking just quick e – mail letter would be great.

January 17th, 2008 at 10.05 P.M. Nancy Shulman sent in the first E-Mail urging Molly to put me in the Colondar.

January 17th, 2008 at 10.24 P.M. Jamie Finkelstein sent in the second e-mail

January 18th, 2008 at 12:44 A. M. Erik Wroldson sent in the third e-mail.

January 18th, 2008 at 5:20 A.M. Elizabeth Azar was the fourth e-mail

January 18th, 2008 at 7:01 A.M. Scott Bloonberg was the fifth e-mail

January 18th, 2008 at 8:48 A.M. Miriam Maduro was the sixth e-mail

January 18th, 2008 at 9:07 A.M. Jay Van Schelt was the seventh e-mail

January 18th, 2008 at 9:16 A.M. Stefanie Kyte was the eighth e-mail

January 18th, 2008 at 9:48 A.M. Paula Harrison was the ninth e-mail

January 18th, 2008 at 10:05 A.M. Jackie Browner was the tenth e-mail

Can you image Molly starting work at 8:00 in the morning and having five e-mails waiting for her to start her day? In just two more hours she had five more e-mail.  Buy February 21st, Molly had received around 60 e-mails and a few snail mails also.  This is when she sent me an e-mail asking if I could ask my family and friends to stop sending in e-mails as she was over loaded with all the e-mails and did not have the time to send a response to all the e-Mails.

February 2008 we got another vacation in Florida.  I love Florida I knew when I graduated high school in 1973 I was going to retire in Florida.  I just did not know who the lucky girl would be, and now I know its Marjorie.  I didn’t know when, and now I do, Marjorie and I are planning to retire in a couple of years.  My cousins Linda and Arty Bonnevie talked about buying some land in Florida back in 1973.  The Tampa area was where I wanted to go, and Marjorie’s dad bought a condo in Gulf-port just two towns from south of Tampa.  I think it is time to seriously think about moving to Florida.

February 2008 remember the old 1939 car I drive every day?  Its winter and I’m getting people I don’t even know coming up to me saying.  I’m glade you are driving your car in the winter.  Only one man said I should put my car under cover for the winter.  As soon as I told him I almost died with colorectal and liver cancer and I want to enjoy my car, he said I’m glad you’re enjoying your car.

Now that my children are older and they can come over and see me on there own.  I feel the cancer stole the last 8 years of their lives from me.  I am alive and have 50 more years to spend having a great life with my family.  Where are the grandchildren?

February 2008 I think it is time to go to Maine, maybe a short three-day miniature vacation will work for us.  When does a vacation have to be a weeklong?

March 2008 it is not how many times you get knocked down that matter, but how many times you pick yourself up.  At one time, my Fred Villari Karate School had 63 children and 62 adults, learning Karate and Kung Fu.  I had another 60 Adults and seniors studying T’ai Chi. As I talk to other karate studio owner, most brag about having two and three hundred students in their school.  At the same time they can’t make ends meet and pay all their bills.  I only count the students coming in weekly. At one time I had 185 students coming in weekly, and I made over six figures.  Really my best week was around $8,700.00. That’s in dollars, in one week. I have hundred students on file. I don’t count students as students unless they come in.

In 1990 my first wife ran off with a man and left me with the children.  During the divorce my school’s enrolment dropped down to around 15 students. I should have giving the bitch some poison mushrooms. Ask Master Mark Grupposo or Frank Villari, Fred brother my brain was fried. Anyway after getting over her I rebuilt my school to around 125 students before 1999.

In 2000 the year after my colorectal cancer, my school dropped to five of six students.  I than rebuilt my karate school back to around 85 students.  A year latter I had the cancer return in my liver.  I am alive, and I’m not afraid to ask for help from the Villari Organization.  With Fred Villari, Mark Grupposo, John Fritz, Dave and Julia Shirley, and everyone by my side I will rebuild my school.  And have 185 students again.

March 13th, 2008 I never asked how big my original tumor was or what stage cancer I had.  I was too scared to know.  I called Dr. Ramesh Shivdasani while writing this autobiography.  When he told me I had Stage IV cancer.  I had to ask him how bad that was.  He said Stage IV was the worst stage of colorectal cancer to have.  My tumor was quite large and had grown beyond the lining of my colon.  The two Clementine cancer masses on my liver were in a place hard to detect when I had the colorectal cancer.  He also said I’m a lucky man as I shouldn’t be here today.  Now I know.

As I write and rewriting this autobiography my lovely wife Marjorie had a colonoscopy.  While talking to her doctor Marjorie mentioned I had stage IV colorectal cancer.  Her doctor said Stage IV cancer only has a 5% survival rate and I’m a lucky man.   This is why I didn’t want to hear what stage I had.   95% don’t make it.  I also hear that!  And 95% is a lot bigger number then 5%.   She then said most people that survive the first year have a relapse and die within one year.  I heard that, too.

Now back to my spring check up with Elizabeth Cooley, she always has a smile and an old stick to hit me with.  I know my blood will come back all right.  She can’t hurt me now.

Doctor Shivdasani is happy with the results from the laboratory.  He wants to see me in four month for my last visit.

I wonder if Dr. Shivadisina started in his doctor career as an Indian doctor.  In some places in India like the state of Tamil Nadu which is at the furthest southern point in India next to the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The doctors work directly with Yajnopathic analysis before and treatment can begin.  The Yajnopathic parishioner will come in and put there shells, statuettes of Hindu gods, and rocks on a special checkerboard.   After a quick shuffling of the stones, shells, and statuettes the Yajnopathic parishioner will start your diagnosis.

I also wonder if Dr. Shivadisina dropped sticks and stones on a table at Dana-Farber to determent if I was ready to accept the treatments he was going to start giving me.  Come to think of it all the doctors meet in a special room with milky white glass so we can’t look in side.  Are they all throwing stick and stones around the floor?  And did Dr. Ashley and Dr. Lee participate in the throwing of the stones as a sacred ritual passage to becoming a doctor?

Doctor Shivdasani wants one more colonoscopy before my last appointment.  This is my ninth, tenth, or eleventh colonoscopy I don’t know.  I’m back in my primary care doctor’s office.  I never see Doctor Taylor when I arrange for a colonoscopy I wonder if he is really back there.  Maybe he is playing golf.

In order to get the day and time I want for my colonoscopy I have to plan 4 months ahead.  I always laugh when I here someone says if we have some kind of national health care we will have to wait for our Doctors appoints.  I always have to plan 3 and 4 months ahead to get the time I want.  I hope President Barack Obama can give us some kind of health care that’s affordable and with out the long waiting line I have been working around.

June 2008 I got another graduation to attend.  This is Marjorie and my last child in high school.  We can thank God the last one is out.  Now what do we do with him.  Marjorie thinks can we send him off to college?  I hope she is right.

He did it! Jesse graduated high school. And we all thought he was not going to be let out of grammar school.

In the middle of June 2008 I sent an e-mail to Molly. It went just like this.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 8:40 AM I sent an e-mail to Molly. This is a copy of my e-mail.

Hi Molly;

I wanted to ask how the photo shoot went two weeks a go? I’m excited to see next year’s colander. Just who are the people who made the Colander. Please keep me on your list.

Thank always Frank

Ps. I am planning a party at my lake house in July or August you and your husband and child are still invited down for a day of kayaking swimming and eating. If your son or daughter can not swim we will have to keep an eye on him or her.

Buy Buy for now Frank

June 20th, 2008 at 5:05:03 PM

I sent an e-mail to all my friends, family, and Molly saying. You and your family are invited to a party.  What kind of party?  Frank Elzeard Bonnevie, Junior and Marjorie Ellen Shulman-Bonnevie are having a lake party.

Where:  515 Laurel Street, Lee

When:  July 19, 2008, Saturday

Time: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight

You can come for a noon lunch, show up for a 5:00 p.m. dinner, or drop by for a midnight snack (if we are still awake)!  Remember, the lake house is in Lee, Massachusetts. On Rte. 20, by the Lee/Lenox line, near the boat ramp. You can google, MapQuest, call us, or email us for directions. There is no rain date. We are partying on Frank’s Birthday, rain or shine.

Do you remember, last spring when I was trying to be included in the 2009 Colondar, and I did not make it. Well, the party is still on. Instead of the theme “I’m in the Colondar Party”, the theme is, “I’m NOT in the Colondar Party”.

Remember, the party is on Saturday, July 19th, Frank’s 54th birthday.  (Please, no gifts, unless it is a bottle of fine red wine). We have swimming, kayaks, canoes, water slide, pontoon boat, fishing, and 6 different decks to sit with you and look at the lake and drink wine together.

Every party that Marjorie and I go to we ask. What we can bring. Please, just bring yourselves. If you feel you really have to bring something, call Marjorie and ask what’s up. The menu is simple: hot dogs, hamburgs, chips, salads, soda, cake, if I catch a trout, we will have fresh trout.

July 2008 Molly McMaster e-mail back to me.

Frank, you are the best! Thanks so much for your note. I also got your letter a few weeks ago and I apologize for not getting back to you yet. Timing was right along with the Colondar and I’m just in the thick of it. I promise to respond though…cause it’s good!  J

Next Colondar is going to be great too. We’re very excited! Not to worry! You are still on the list!

Keep me posted on the party! You’re not too far away, so we might be up for it!


Molly McMaster

President & Co-Founder

The Colon Club


July 19th, 2008 I having a party. This is a day to be remembered by every single person in the free, and communist world. After all, I was born July 19th, 1954. It was on July 19th, 2000 (my 46th, birthday) when I was told I had colorectal cancer.  This year July 19th, 2008 is my 54th birthday, I’m having a “Five Years Cancer-free” I’m not in the Colondar party. Can you see the 19 & 54 repeating? Look close, I was born 1954 and on July 19th, I’m 54. Did you get it? Some people it seems, I to have to hold their hand. Look 1954 and 19 54.

While Molly McMaster rejected me as the July centerfold for the 2009 Colondar, I’m still having a party. Only now it’s not going to be called the “I’m in the Colondar” party. It’s going to being called “I’m NOT in the Colondar” party.  Molly is still invited to the party. She only lives about one hour away.  If she comes, I’m throwing her in to the lake.

Save a spot for the Colondar party sign in here.

Three day latter I sent a letter to molly. Thanks to you Molly I did have a great three-day (I’m NOT in the Colondar Party) at Marjorie and my lake house in Lee on Laurel Lake. I’m sorry you, your husband, and your son or daughter could not attend. I put in a photo if it does not show up it’s a paper sign 3 feet wide and 18 feet long and it says.

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

I’m not in the Colondar Party

Born 1954 and on July 19 Franks 54

Five years Free

Molly’s what ever your reason for discarding me like dip on a cracker dropped on the floor. I can live with your decision. Thanks Molly, for the opportunity to bare my belly to the world. I don’t bare my stomach to just anyone. You should feel special, all these autobiographies turn out to be a lot of fun, and my glass will always be half full. I wish you all the best.

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Episode 9 Chapter two I’m in limbo

Episode 9

Chapter two I’m in limbo.

I had planed to stop writing after October 2nd, 2008 my last check up at Dana-Farber, but this Episode had to be written. I believed I was finished writing my story when I left Dana-Farber for the last time. What more could I say? Now I have to continue to write so you can see what I did for at lease a few more years. I’m still adding in the Colondar models for the Calendar year your reading for your viewing pleasure. Why I’m still writing my story will make sense too you in a future episode. I Promises.

November 1st, 2008 Ray Beckler was 47 years old when he was told he had colon cancer. He is a stage II survivor with a great sense of humor. I think I would like to meet this man as I used humor as he did as a tool to cope with the everyday stress of cancer.

November 14th, 2008 Friday night Master Fred Villari having a clinic and I’m going. Fred talks a bit and we try to copy the moves he just showed us. I’m so tired I got a chair and sat down about 10 feet from the stage. When Fred was done showing us the moves he wanted us to copy he came over to me and asked if I was all right. It’s good to be recognized by the boss too bad it was not for doing something really good. Like a Shaoiln form and being asked by Fred to attend my sixth degree black belt teas. I can dream can’t I.

November 15th, 2008 Saturday all day is the 40 Anniversary of Fred Villari’s karate tournaments. I’m going and judging all day. I asked for forms so I could sit on my butt all day. What a great day it was. I got to talk to everyone This reminded me of tournaments of years ago when I knew so many people.

November 20th, 2008 Thursday morning Ninth Degree Master Black Belt Mark Grupposo has another workout and I’m going. It is a short two-hour ride to his Natick school. I always try to show up early. This gives me time to talk to everyone for a while until the workout starts. Most workouts we start with a short warm up of 50 jumping jacks, 25 push-up, 25 sit-ups, repeating this sequence three times. I calmly walk over the side of the room and watch. There is no jump in my jack, no push or up in my push-up, and differently no sit in my sit-ups.  Everyone will run through this warm up in a few short minutes. I know I’ll never join a warm up workout again. After all my surgeries I glade when I can walk slowly while I’m doing a Shaolin form.

A quick stretching follows and I stand off to the side again. When I try to do even the simplest beginner stretching my stomach reminds me of Dr. Ashley. Not that I really think of my Colorectal and liver surgeon often. I never knew before July 19th 2000 stretching had an effect on my colon. As a matter of fact I never thought about my colon at all. I knew I had one. It’s just one of the body parts you don’t think about until you don’t have one, or in my case I have a shorten colon and a very shot rectum. It seem any stretching activates my colon in a bad way. A five-minute stretch will bring me into the bathroom for two or three hours, if am fortunate. I think I’ll skip all stretching to day, and tomorrow.

To day Master Grupposo has everyone working on combinations. Combinations are preset moves designed to teach your reflexes to move in a manner to ward off any attacker coming at you from any direction. Everyone is throwing everyone all around the room. Master Grupposo wants a takedown with every move. In other words knock your partner to the floor. I think I’ll stand off to the side with this drill. If someone knocks me to the floor I will lose control of my bowels on my way down to the floor. And when I hit the floor my bowels won’t stop for hours. Than the work out will not be as much fun as it was before I tried to join in.

Master Grupposo wants to finish the workout with everyone doing the last form they received. I’m thinking I can do this. As I walk in to the center of the room I found the perfect spot on the floor and start my form. Five Dragon facing the four winds is the form I’m working on. I could do this form with my eyes close back in July of 2000. After eight years of not being able to workout I’m trying now to attend a few meeting and work-outs. When I walk slowly not kicking had and defiantly not above the knee or punch any hand strike hard sometimes I can finish a form. Some days I can’t walk with all the moves of a Shaolin form even when I’m going slowly. Today I can see out of the corner of my eye Master Grupposo is walking over to talk me. I’m thinking I’ve got this form down real good, what more can he say? I think I look soooooo good I need a test to move up to my sixth degree Master Black Belt. Than Master Grupposo say, “Frank the kicking your doing all belong up by your head”. I had to tell him I couldn’t kick to the head my stomach it’s just too cut up. Master Grupposo knows I have had two major surgeries and he said that’s all right. Your kicking just fine.

When I was told I had cancer back in the summer of 2000 I drove in to a Westborough Massachusetts work-out just to tell Mark Grupposo I had cancer and was going to miss some time. I’ve known Mark sense the summer of 1983 he has been a trusted friend and one of my instructors. I believed he deserved to here from my mouth I have cancer not herring it from the grape vine. I guess I can skip that Six-degree Master Black Belt Test.

I don’t drive two hours to workout in Boston just too workout. I can’t begin to keep up with even the first-degree black belts. In the past I believed, I didn’t have too be a fighter, to train like one. I would think nothing of doing all my forms five times each, than in the next class keep up with everyone in the class, Than go out dancing with Marjorie all night long. Staying up until two or three in the morning. Now I’m having fun talking to everyone in Boston. Sometimes after the workout we all stop for a bite to eat. It’s the before and after the workout I like more than the workouts themselves now. Seeing I can’t really workout. I’m glade my mouth can still talk. Sometime I talk non-stop. Maybe in a previous life I was a def mute. Now I don’t stop talking. Over the years one by one everyone I use to hang out left the organization. Now after missing the last eight years I find I don’t belong in any of the new clicks. Maybe I’ll form my own click and have a lunch date everyday with myself.

December 1st 2008 Heather Maes was a young 28 years old. Too young too believed to have colon cancer. As I, was she was told she had stage IV rectal cancer. Heather writes a blog, adds her stories in to a local newspaper, and speaks out about colon cancer telling people to get colonoscopy. Sometimes I’m amazed at the extent my fellow colon cancer survivors and I go to tell anyone willing to lessen to us. Don’t ignore your Bowles if you have a problem, or as I did a change in your bathroom habits, go see a doctor.

December 2008 I’m back in my dojo slowly working out. Think of an American gym in China being called a dojo. I’m in an American gym doing Chinese Shaolin Kempo Karate and Kung Fu, and this colorectal cancer I had is still a pain in my butt, especially today. And, I do mean my butt. I can’t seem to control my bowels very well. The kicking and punches I’m doing seem to cause me to run to take a bathroom break. My fellow martial artiest would laugh at me trying to do the Hansuki form. Hansuki mean The sever flowing hands of the tiger.  I do a few moves, run to the bath room, do a few more moves, running to the bath room. This constant running to the bathroom does not stop. Maybe four more Imodium will slow down my bowels I’m know I’m such a poop head. Any amount of bathroom breaks is better than dying from cancer. And hunsuki is a fun black belt form.

I know if I sit down, and if I’m lucky, I can do some Chi Kung or Wu Chi exercises while I’m at my office desk. I know I can achieve a feeling of chi running through my body with only a little work. I wonder if people running in a road race, achieving a runner’s high are feeling chi? My doctor told me what I’m doing is releasing endorphins. Are runners copping an old Chinese Master? With a little work I can create energy in my hands. I can tell I’m feeling chi as my hands will start to shake. All this while I’m sitting down, and I don’t have to run ten miles. In the middle of the winter when it’s cold and frizzing I can sit by the heater staying warm releasing endorphins in to my warm bran. I think I’ll skip the running part all together.

In my Wu Chi class, Master Fritz, would call the point of uncontrollable shaking, chi. I remember the first time I achieved the state of shaking. I was in the Albany, New York area at a Karate, Kung Fu, and Wu Chi clinic with Master John Fritz. Everyone in the class was standing in a horse stance pushing out with our hands, bending our fingers back, and pushing our palms out. As I looked around, no one was shaking but me. I started to think, I’m the odd man in the room. This would not be the first time I wound be the odd man. Then Master John Laurence Fritz walked up to me and said welcome to my world. I find I can go to this place in my mind anytime I want and bring out the shake of uncontrollable chi. During my visits at Dana-Farber I would do a Wu Chi exercise or two while having my chemotherapy treatments. I would have the feeling of a fountain of chi flowing throughout my body, not the dreaded 5 F U and Lukivoron.

Nowadays every morning I meet a bunch of retired men for coffee. I see a lot of my old friends with shake in their hands. Are all my friends getting old? Not me, I’m staying young forever. Maybe my friends always had shake, and I’m just realizing shake is all around me. Most of them have a shaking movement in their hands. Now I’m wondering if it’s Parkinsons, Alzheimers, or uncontrollable chi. Every time I do even a light work out, I find with very little effort, I can bring a shaking chi to my hands. Have Grandpa or Grandma been building up chi all their lives? Only now in there golden years are they experiencing uncontrollable chi? I might be a little slow, or am I experiencing Parkinsons? Think of all the old people with their hands shaking. Do they have the mind of a black belt? Or do I have the mind of someone with Parkinsons? Maybe I should be studying Shaolin Kung Fu with everyone in the old age home. For now I think I’ll stay with Tenth Degree Master Black Belt Fred Villari, Ninth Degree Master Mark Grupposo, and Master John Fritz.

December 2008 Christmas and my most excellent wife Marjorie Ellen Shulman de Bonnevie gave me a gift certificate to Peter Luger Steak house in New York City. I have known about this restaurant for years. I grew up in Boston a long way from New York City and everyone in Boston also knew about Peter Luger’s Steak house. Now I have a chance of a lifetime to go where most man never treed. It’s not because of the Boston Red Son and the New York Yankee rivalry you see in sports. Back when I was a kid I just did not just drive four hours to eat a feast. Now a trip in to New York just to eat is something I’ll do anytime. Now I got to pick a day.

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Episode 10 Chapter two I’m in the colondar

Episode 10 Chapter two I’m in the Colondar

January 1st, 2010 Jillian Zaveloff was only 22 years old when she was told she had colon cancer. It’s good to start the New Year with a pretty face. I can clearly see why I was not chosen back in 2008. Jillian is young, pretty, full of life. You have to look up Jillian at colondar.com and read her story.

Put in photo of Jillian Zaveloff

January 5th, 2011 I have been going to Teddy Pizza sense I mover out to the Berkshires. My children and I ate Teddy Pizza every Friday night sense they were old enough to walk. To night Marjorie are going to pay Teddy a visit. All we want is a pizza and a beer. I remember teaching Frank III how to carry a pizza. At first he wanted to hold the box under his arm. Erika and I open the box just enough for him to see in side the box, and he saw how a pizza would slide down to the bottom messing up his pizza. Erika was so proud of her little brother. Each kid got a small pizza different of course. I got to eat what ever they left behind.

January 2010 I did not write much about Molly again last year. I’m writing about events in my life, and she chose to not be in my life. This is Molly lost! Not being part of my life she missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime. I will say something about her, sometime, in a future story. I just don’t know what I can say about someone I never met dissimilar from what I’ve all ready said. By not knowing her never stop me from writing about her previous befour. I’ll have to think. Look for an up and coming story about Molly McMaster.

Have you ever gone out for an evening meal and came home hungry? I almost did. This is the spot where I’m inserting Molly in to my dinner story. It did not take me long to think of a story to put Molly in. Molly’s like a bad meal in a bad restaurant. I once went to a downtown Chinese restaurant in China Town Boston. Looking at the Chinese writing on the side of a menu? My girl friend at the time asked me if I knew what it met. I told her all the Chinese writing are traditional Chinese dishes. So we order off the Chinese side of the menu. Here is where Molly and a bad meal come together.

We did not know exactly what we were asking for in the restaurant and I did not ask to be in Molly calendar.

Not knowing anything about Molly was like not knowing anything about authentic Chinese food.

Why my sister in law Nancy asked Molly to put me in her calendar of cancer survivors I’ll never know. Why I lessen to my x girlfriend when she that said let’s order of the Chinese side of the menu I’ll never know.

Why I thought I could be in a calendar of cancer survivors I’ll never know. Why I thought I could order of a Chinese menu I’ll never know.

When Molly rejected me to be in her Colondar I was broken hearted. Not really. I never apply to be in her calendar. It was my sister in law that sent my name in. When my old girl friend finely dumped me I was broken hearted. Not really I knew it was time to go.

When Molly kicked me off the Colondar poop pile, I was leaving anyway.

I have a bad taste in my mouth with all this colon stuff. The authentic Chinese dinner left a bad taste in my mouth.

Molly and I parted in the summer of 2008 with me a little hungry to be in the Colondar. My girl friend and I left the Chinese restaurant a little hungry for something more to eat.

We went to a difference Chinese restaurant and order off the American side of the menu and had a fantastic meal. This experience with Molly is not going to be bad either. Like the bad Chinese dinner I’m changing the Calendar three-page autobiography in to a fun book about the life and times of my life.

Sometimes even I can’t believe the entire spectrum of thing I did over the last 8 years and 75 days. Remember there is always a little truth in everything I write. And I can’t believe I put Molly in to another short story.

January 2010 after all my cancers, and all the years gone buy people still keep coming up to me asking how I beet cancer. I know a big part of why I’m alive is Fred Villari and his staff of Master Instructors. I have a workout with a bunch of Great Master Black Belts once a month. Everyone working out with me now knows my condition and I get poked at a few times. It’s all in good fun no one means anything of it. I make fun of myself all the time. My since of humor and the ability to laugh at my self and in the face of death is a big part of what saved my life. Now my life and the lack of any physical activity not so hard to deal with at all. At a workout I will walk with the moves kicking and punching slowly never spinning around too fast. If I’m lucky I will only have to go to the bathroom a few times. It seems any muscular movement activate my colon causing me go to the bathroom. I never leave home with out it. Toilet-paper that is, not a Master Card.

When I started my Martial Arts training with Fred Villari on November 7th, at 8:00 pm 1978 it was just for fun. It was something to do in the middle of the week instead of sitting home. August 22nd, 1983 I open my own school. I never intended to make a lifestyle out of the Martial Arts it just happen. From the first day I open the front doors I never looked back. I knew I was going to have one of the best schools in all of the Fred Villari’s Karate, Kung Fu, and T’ai Chi chain one day. And at one time I was. Now with my writing I’m not trying to be the best writer in the world. I’m still writing for my enjoyment. The writing path I’m on might come to an end one day. And if so I’m all right with that. You can decide how good of a writer I’ve become.

February 1st, 2010 Andrew Elder Jr. was a young 32-year-old male when he was told he had colon cancer. Like me he was in great shape. And like me we both believe that in one of the reason we are both around to day.

Put in photo of Andrew Elder

February 2nd, 2011 down town lee is only a mile from our house and Marjorie and I seem to think is out of our way to drive one more mile for a meal and a drink. To night we are going to the Morgan House. All we want is an appetizer and a glass of red wine. The last time Marjorie and I were here was when we got the building permit to build our house on Laurel Lake.

February 16th, 2010 Marjorie and I flew to Florida. Every winter we have our winter vacation in a small town call Gulf Port. This is a fun little town about ½ hour south of Tampa. Every morning we get up and walk into town and buy a cup of coffee, maybe a pastry or two, and we plan our days tourist activates. A week never seems to be long enough for a vacation. The Lowry Zoo seem to be a fun hang out today. The Tampa area seem to have something difference and fun to do on every visit to Florida. The Zoo is a long, slow, flat for a wheel chair walk around day. This is just what I need. My bathroom breaks can be planed further apart.

2. Febuary 2010 zoo

Sometimes even I can take a good photo.

A couple we hang out with in Guff Port is Jack and Libby. Jack and Libby are famous for going to Chick – Fill – Lay soft opening. A Chick – Fill – Lay is like a hamburg place like McDonalds only they only serve chicken. I believe they went to around 100 soft opening. During a soft opening every sandwich is made fried, or grilled. The idea is to try everything out to make sure everything works perfect for the Grand Opening. At the end everyone received 100 coupons for a free Chick – Fill – Lay diner. Marjorie and I are being treated to a Chick – Fill – Lay diner. If you never had a Chick – Fill – Lay diner you have to go. I love the words on Jacks sweatshirt did you really read the words. Libby is so much fun Marjorie and I can’t wait until we retire and can hang out with them.

2. Febuary Jack & Libby chick-fl-a

February 18th, 2010 Thursday night on at 7:09 in the evening Marjorie and I just got in from playing around as a day-tripper. I’m sitting down relaxing when my cell phone starting ringing. My lovely wife Marjorie was walking by our bedroom when she heard the ringing. Not me! When she answered my cell phone she heard Molly McMaster say hello back. Marjorie started thinking I don’t recognize this girl’s voice. Who is this strange woman calling my husband? Molly actually told Marjorie she was going to ask me if I wanted to be included in the 2011 Colondar. Again, I’m second fiddle. I wonder if Molly knows about all the stories I’ve wrote about her in my autobiography? I don’t think she knows what I did say about her. What if she has found out? I could be in big trouble. I should go back and look up the stories I wrote about molly and see just what I did say. Maybe even edit Mollies stories with a little more care. On second thought what ever I wrote all ready, I will let stand, and proudly say I wrote that story about Molly. Even if Molly is standing in front of me, and has a big kitchen clever in her hand, or is swing a enormous snow shovel at my head. I am a Master Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate. The Great Grand Master Fredrick J. Villari has been one of my instructors in the most testosteroneing Martial Arts in the entire world.

Don’t take my word for it look it up the top ten most testosterone Martial arts. Shaolin Kempo came in number one. The show just forgot to mention my name. What would Master Villari say about a knife or a meat clever? Simple take the knife away and cut arrrrr ……. Opppppppsssssssss never mind what Master Villari would say to do. When Molly said to me she was putting together a group to be in the 2011 Colondar, and was wondering I would still be interested in being a model. You know I said yes.

Now I’m wonder if I really did say anything about Molly in a past story that I might get in trouble with. After the telephone call from Molly McMaster the next contact was an e-mail from the Colondar group. It was from Tammy Colitti. It did not say much. But it was a contact and I imagined more e-mail to come. And a lot more was to come. And come it did. I don’t think John Ashcroft, C. I. A., the F. B. I, and the T V show N. C. I. S. wants this much information about a terrorist. Although there might be a file on me somewhere in a dark C. I. A. vault in a Boston cellar somewhere. It’s not my fault I was born in the fifties. And grew up in the sixties. I believed it was my civic duty to show up every Sunday afternoon for a protest on the Boston Commons. The Common could be a book all in it’s self. On second thought I ought to not want to bring attention to events and myself from the sixties. Unless! Let me think. Is there a statute of limitation for stupid thing a teenager did in the sixties? No cop ever put his or her hands on me. I could always run too fast to be caught. So I can’t be held responsible for what someone thinks I did, or did not do. No one has more that a photograph or 100 or more of me doing something at a protest. I don’t think. Someone always had a camera ready taking lots of photographs. We all thought they were spies sent in from the government. I remember posing for the camera. Now I’m not admitting to anything mind you. But don’t you have to be physically caught to be charged with insisting arrrrrr………. Never mind.

February 20, 2010 8:42:45 AM from Tammy

Tammy Colitti colorectal cancer survivors are my hero’s

I can’t put in every e-mail I received in my story. That would be another book all it’s self. Here are a few correspondences I had with everyone. Wow that is a long word for me correspondences. Do I even know what that means?

This is my second e-mail from Tammy

February 20th, 2010 at 2:25 pm.

Okay well welcome to The Colon Club. I could not figure out why you guys were responding back with out responses to my email and then I see the whole body of my email is missing.   Sorry about that.  So we are glad to have all of you!

Lets start again

There are a couple of things we need to do to get the ball rolling

  1. Need to verify email that you wish to receive all future correspondence at
  2. Your current home address
  3. Home phone
  4. Cell phone
  5. We need you to write a small paragraph introducing yourself to the other models and colondar staff (see examples below.
  6. Your airport of choice and poss a 2nd choice if available to get the best possible airfare
  7. Any special eating habits or nutritional needs you may have.  There is nothing that we have not already heard so please do not be shy.  My favorite quote from last years photo shoot ” great there is grape juice, so now I can poop this weekend” Please let us be prepared for all of your needs.  You are our guest and it is our honor but we need to know.  There is nowhere for you to run to get what you want so just let us know so that we are prepared and you have a great weekend.

We will be sending out a model binder to each of you that will answer most any questions that you have.  We will be adding your small introductory bio so as soon as I get them all back the sooner you will all get your Binders of info.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions before then or after and we will be glad to help.  We look forward to meeting each of you.

Tammy Colitti
Colondar Shoot Staff

colorectal cancer survivors are my hero’s

February 22nd, 2010 at 9:29 am from Frank. My first e-mail to Tammy.

Hi Tammy,

I am ecstatic to be chosen for the 2011 colon calendar.  And I can’t wait (to e-mail everyone as no one talks on the phone anymore. I am currently in Florida visiting relatives and will do my best to answer your questions.

My first airport of choice is the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. My second airport is Albany, New York, but can I fly out and back in the same airport on the same day? I’m thinking since I live so close (2 hour drive), I will drive to be there.

I have no eating preferences; however, I do not want my mom’s dumplings. Don’t call her for the recipe. They’re awful! “Oh, and no tofu for me!

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks, Tammy, for the e-mail.  Will I be contacting you or teasing Molly, or both?


Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

February 22nd, 2010 at 10:12:06 PM from Tammy

It is good to hear from you, and I hope you are enjoying your trip in Fl and the weather is nice. It sucks here and we are supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. I live in Ct. so you are only about an hour away from Todd and me. You can continue to harass me, I love your since of humor. I will be the contact person-model liaison for the 2011 Colondar. I am so sorry to tell you that we will not be able to swing the Paris flight but it is great to know that you would be willing to drive. Look forward to more of your humor and we will be getting back to all of you in the next couple of days with more info,

Safe Travels

Tammy Colitti
colorectal cancer survivors are my hero’s

February 25th, 2010 at 1:30:03 PM from Tammy


Every time I read one of your emails I laugh, I laugh hard! I can not wait to see you. Yes it will be great for you to drive to the photo shoot! So we were wondering if it might be possible for you to stop by the Albany airport and pick up a model or two? We need to know how big your car is and if you even have room for a model or two and their luggage? Some how I see you driving and exotic 1 car French sports car! Any way about the Dates. We will be starting the photos on Thursday the 10th, but the application states June 9th, – June 13th,!    So what day would be best for you to arrive? Models will probably arrive both Wednesday and Thursday if we cannot work out Wednesday! Look forward to hearing back from you and your great humor! We live in Thomaston Ct. and that is not to far from us either.

Tammy Colitti
colorectal cancer survivors are my hero’s

February 24th, 2010 Marjorie and I flew home. I like vacationing with Marjorie we seem to have the same attitude. Neither of us seems to care what happen we seem to both go with the flow. That’s why I love her sooooooo much.

February 25th, 2010 I sent an e-mail to everyone that sent in an e-mail encouraging molly to put me in her Colondar. I told them on February 18th, 2010 at 7:09 in the evening this nice sweet lady Molly McMaster called me asking if I would be interested in being in the 2011 Colondar. Of course I said yes. I wanted to thank you for your e-mail back in 2008, and let you be one of the first to know I’m in the Colondar. With out your letter back than I might not have been still in this supper lady Mollies mind, and contacted to be in the 2011 Colondar is a dream come true.

Thank you.

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

I had 27 responsive back congratulating me for getting into the Molly McMaster Colondar. Here is the order in witch they came in to me. Thanks to all my friends for sending in their e-mail.

Number 1. Woohoo! Do I get a copy  from Hi Mara;

#2. Terrific.  Love to see it when comes out.  Hope all well. Stanley W. Ashley, MD This man was my Surgeon.

#3. Frank, That’s so great!!!! Where can I buy a copy of the Colondar? Such good news!! All my best, Mary.

#4. You’re welcome!   Anything (almost) for my brother-in-law. Nancy L. Shulman. This is Marjorie sister and the person that sent my name too Molly starting the ridiculous autobiography your reeding.

#5. Congratulations, Frank! …Could be the start of a lucrative modeling career J Let me know where and when I can buy one Milt.

#6. Hey Cuz! Great hearing from you! I can’t remember what you are talking about. So, please refresh my memory. Hugs and love to you and Marge, Holly.

#7 Congratulations on the calendar!   Here’s a prize for you: Tommy Ryan.

#8. Do you have any idea what month is going to be yours?  ,  Love and Congratulations.  Your favorite Sister-in-Law.   Jacqueline Evelyn Shapiro Shulman.

#9 Hi Frank, CONGRATULATIONS!  I’ll look forward to seeing the Colondar. It’s good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Fondly, Harriett.

#10. That is so great.  When do we get to see it?  My love to all. Carole.

#11. Frank I am glad to know that you are still walking the planet. I make it up to Pittsfield every so often I will try to connect next time I am up there. Congrats on the calendar I am sure you will look great in a string bikini.;-) Take care Jay Van Schelt.

#12. Hi Frank,THANK you for letting me know. That is SO awesome, and I look forward to seeing the calendar sometime. Maybe Margie could bring one to John’s class?  What an honor for you, and well deserved. KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   All the best, Jeanne.

#13. Fantastic !!! I’m so happy for you! This must be a good week for you and Marge. Best to you both, Steffie.

#14. Congratulations, Frank — that’s just wonderful.  I can’t wait to see it. Take care, Carole.

#15. That is fantastic.  See you aren’t too old to be in the calendar.  I hope this means you won’t stop hounding her for future years.  Both my mother and father say congratulations.  Kellie is pretty excited as well. Tammy.

#16. Frank that’s awesome! When does it come out? Scott B.

#17. Frank, I am so glad for you and was thrilled when I first heard the news.  I know how much it meant to you to be in the Colondar for 2009.  It was worth a two-year wait!  Congratulations.  Love, Amy.

#18. Congratulations. Miriam.

#19. Ha, of course:  Erika Bonnevie my daughter.

#20. YAHOO—OMG what fun!!!!!!  Good for you—-Bet.

#21. Congratulations Frank on your recovery and continuing good health!!! Look forward to seeing you in the Colondar!! Jenny Austin and Bailey.

#22. Dear Frank: Thanks so much for letting me know.  I am glad you have been selected for 2011. With all best wishes.  Judy & Kenny.

#23. Hey Frank I had a lot of fun talking you up to Molly. And will do it again anytime. Bruce Bonnevie.

#24. good luck with the calendar….can’t wait to see it! JB.

#25. Frank: Congratulations!  Glad to hear things worked out for you.  Carl.

#26. Master Bonnevie, Congratulations.  Apparently the pen is mightier than the sword, (although I’m still pretty sure I’ll take the sword in a pinch).  All it took was a little time, patience, and hundreds upon hundreds of hours invested in your autobiography.  Congratulations again Erik.

#27. Frank, That is great news I will have to purchase one. Thanks, Paul.

Thank you to all 27 friends that took the time to congratulate me for getting in the Colondar.

March 1st, 2010 Domenic Covareli photo means more to me now that I’m going to be in the 2011 Colondar. I have the entire stash of past Colondar I’m going to check them out again. When I was a young boy the stash in my bedroom was Play Boys. Now I’m going to be in the 2011 Colondar. You will have to look for the 2011 Colondar. I do not know what month I’ll be, and I don’t care. It’s cool to be in.

Put in photo of Domenic Covarli

March 3rd, 2010 from Frank

Dear Tammy:

I was told on my birthday July 19th, 2000 that I had cancer. Besides Molly how many people have been told on their birthday that they have cancer? Molly is the only other person I know. Think of it, there are 365 days in the year and on my birthday and on Molly birthday we were both told we had cancer. I think that makes us both special.


Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

March 5th, 2010 I have another workout in Boston. I’m going to tell everyone I’m in the Colondar. Than maybe I’ll work out. In the past as a Martial Artists I improved my performance and endurance by training even when I was tired and want to stop. Partway through a training session sometimes we all would stop sit down and take a breather. I always got up and resumed even when I was still fatigued. This actually built my endurance and my reserve strength. Now I keep trying to perform the techniques perfectly even when my legs feel like spaghetti. I’m anticipating someday I can cultivate my inner reserved of strength like I use to have in the Martial Arts. Before cancer I had to over come fatigued often to hone my ability to compete. Why can’t I do it now? A fight is seldom won with one kick or punch, but a series of kicks and punches. The winner is the one still standing in the fifteen round with the stamina and endurance to keep fighting even when completely drained and exhausted. That will be the person crown as the winner. I want to be that person again. I seem to be unable even start any workout before I’m tired, my balance of off, I’m dizzy, or I’m running to the bathroom. A lot of the workouts I have to sit down. What ever happen to that Fifth Degree Master Black Belt in side of me?

March 9th, 2010 1:52:19 PM from Frank

I sent out an e-mail to all the other models.

Hello Shane, Christian, Justin, Meghan, Vanessa, Michael, Lorraine, Andrea, Angie, Jamie, and Lamont.

I’m Frank Elzeard Bonnevie junior and was pick along with you to be in the 2011 Colondar.  I’ve seen your name, read your bio, and am looking forward to meeting all of you this June 10th, I live in Lee Massachusetts and I will be driving up to Molly’s and might pick some of you up at the Albany airport on my way to Molly’s Mom and Dad’s home. I drive a 1939 Cadillac La Salle and I do not have seat belts in my car. If you are too scared to ride in a car with out seat belts, e-mail Tammy and tell her to have someone else pick you up.  Being my car is a 1939 model and it is a very big car weighting in at 4,080 pounds unless I hit an army tank we should be safe and roil over any car that gets in our way. But I am a safe driver, I think. We should have no difficulty driving down the dirt road into the McMaster home. I’ll stay in touch and see you all on the 10th,

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

March 9th, 2010 5:43:46 PM from Andrea

Hey Frank,
Sounds great! Can’t wait to meet you as well 

March 13th, 2010 10:03:32 PM from Christian


After all my abdominal surgery, seatbelts have become an annoyance, so I wouldn’t mind at all… in fact, that would be awesome because I love classic cars. Was this a project car? Looking forward to meeting you and the other models.


March 14th, 2010 9:45:58 AM from Frank

Hi Christian;

I bought the 1939 LaSalle back in 1976 and have been having fun driving it ever sense than. I am not a car nut I hire people to fix my car to and it is almost 100% rebuild. E-mail Tammy and we can try to arrange a ride from the airport to the McMaster home.  I know how you feel about the seat belts I am a Fifth Degree Master Black Belt and at the end of the day I find the black belt around my pants bothers me sometimes. The best thing is the car is so big I can fall out of the seat and stand up. In my wife’s car I have to spin around put both feet on the ground and pull my self up to get out. If we can’t get together at the airport at the McMaster home if we have to drive somewhere I will gladly pack in 6 to 8 people and drive us.  It is a fun car that is why I bought it.  I’ll see you there or we will e-mail. buy buy

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Juinior

March 17th, 2010 4:08:50 PM from Suzie Hill,

Hi Frank,
I am coordinating all the 2011 Colondar Model travel and wanted to touch base with you.  I understand you will be driving to the Photo Shoot and have agreed to pick up some of the other models at the Albany airport.  That is so exciting and one of the best jobs, getting to know each other on the way from the airport is just fantastic. Would you be able to arrive at the photo shoot on Wednesday June 9th, we are bringing in 4 models (including you, so you would pick up 3 others at the airport) for their photo session to begin on Thursday. Please let me know if all of this works out for you.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about what I have presented.

I cannot wait to meet you in June.
Suzie Hill, RN
Colon Cancer Survivor
The Colon Club

March 17th, 2010 from Frank

Dear Susan Hill;

I would love to chaperone three people from the Albany airport to the McMasters. Just e-mail me their name and times of arrival.  How many girls and how many boys.  The girls will have to get a flower, the boys can carry their own luggage.  Whatever happen to the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris?  Tammy and I were going to fly in together from France.

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

March 17th, 2010 9:27:15 PM from Suzie Hill


Thank you so much for doing this!  I am going to coordinate all the flights by next week and confirm times/flight numbers, etc. So I will get those to you.  We will have 2 beautiful young ladies and one other man coming in on that day, you are so sweet to think of them with flowers, maybe I will fly in that day as well. Tammy has been promoted to Chef for the weekend, so instead of flying in with her, she will be serving you all weekend as you relax and look good for the camera. I will get back with you as soon as I have confirmed the other three models with their flight times.

Suzie Hill, RN
Colon Cancer Survivor
The Colon Club
2008 Colondar Model (February)

March 18th, 2010 8:16:39 PM from Justin

Hey Frank!

Sorry for the slow reply. I just made it back to home/work/email/etc after my latest surgery. Can’t wait to meet you as well. I’ve got a soft spot for all things mechanical, especially if they have motors and no seat belts!!!


Sent from my Eye Phone

March 20th, 2010 from Frank

Dear Justin;

No sorry needed everyone has a life and thing to do.  I take your surgery went well?  And you will be all right for the photos at the McMaster’s. I’m not really an old car buff.  To day driving to work I got a flat tire. I can’t even change my own tire. I hire several men to keep my car running.  That how I roil. It is a fun car, big and roomy.  I got tired of buying a new car every 2 to 3 years.  Every year my 39 LaSalle gets a repair or two and I drive it every day. And it’s worth more money at the end of the year. If you have any question please e-mail me. Or I’ll see you in June.

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

March 22nd, 2010 from Frank

Hi Tammela;

I just realized you’re the Tammy that is going to be the head chef for our weekending at the McMasters. Sometimes I’m a little slow. I can’t remember seeing a girl named Tammela on the cooking chancel.  Were you one the girl that beat Bobby Flay as one of the Iron Chefs in one of his throw downs? Now if you call coffee the devil’s juice and I know I can’t make coffee.  Who is going to make the morning coffee?  And if you’re making devil’s juice for coffee in the morning what else are you making with the Devil.  Do you have the head of a sacrifice red roster and a Jamaican Voodoo chant to go along with dinner? Just wondering.

Frank Elzeard Bonnevie Junior

March 27th, 2010 Julie Guido is having her spring tournament again. I’m going, and judging all day. I had a few students compete again and two of the three got a trophy. Adam Goodman has been learning with me for years and Julie walk up to him and told him she remember him from last year, and he has improved tremendously. Adam was walking on a cloud. Adams father Kermit was the proudest father in the tournament. Sometimes the recognition for doing well is a bigger accomplishment than getting a trophy. Thanks Julie you just made a kid and his dad two of the happiest people that day.

April 1st, 2010 Heidi Duff I like her attitude if your odds are one in one hundred. Why can’t you be the one? I always believed I would be the one to beat cancer. And we both did.

Put in photo of Heidi Duff

April 2010 it’s the school vacation again we have another cruse. This is a 6 beach stopping cruse. Every stop was in the Caribbean somewhere. I tried to find any of the beach photos we stopped at I and I can’t find them. I’ll have to go on another beach cruse. In this photo in your mind you can clearly see four of the six ships docked at this port. Girls in bikinis everywhere, and Marjorie saw more than her share of young men strutting their stuff in their Speedo.

Sale Beach was our next stop. The sand was hot, the sun was hot, and the girls were hot. This was the perfect cruse to end a cold winter in Massachusetts. What’s for sale here on this inland?

Sandy Beach was up next. It seems this inland has a floating raft of every size and shape imaginable. I had fun just walking down the beach.

I think it was Sun Beach where the ships cooking staff came off the ship with us and set up an out side barbeque. The name for this beach was right, their was not a tree to be seen any where. Lucky for us there were umbrellas everywhere to sit under. It seems a wait staff was ready to bring a drink over with another umbrella in it all day. All we needed was the ships I d card. We did not have to pay for any drinks all day.  When we got off the ship we saw all the charges.

I do not know where Volcano Beach gets its name? I can’t see a volcano any place. I found this post card of the beach. I should have brought my camera. In this snapshot you can see is of a long beach with no one on it. When Marjorie and I were here the beach was full of people. I think the same 4 cruse ships are following each other around. I don’t care as we have hundreds of people to watch as we walk the beach and when we both got tired of walking, people keep walking by us.

If I have it right, White Sands Beach is the last beach on this cruse. I also think the tattoo artist on the ship is working extra as almost everyone has a tat. I even got a couple. My colon cancer scar I had highlighted like a Frankenstein scar. The colonoscopy bag I had turned into a zipper. My liver cancer scar I make it into a slide. The port in my chest I had a put tab over it. I had two biopsies test holes between my bottom two ribs on my right side were turn into bullets holes. My Bladder biopsies were turned into a spider nest. I don’t know if I can fine these islands ever again. I know we had a ton of fun. And I hope I got the beaches right. If you know of any of the beaches and I got one wrong, as in 2 beaches might have been on the same island get over it. I goof! You can see this is no big deal to me. Wouldn’t this be a better story if I could find the photo I took.

April 2010 in Nevada is warn and a great way to seg-way in to the warm spring days. After coming of a cruse the Berkshire in Massachusetts is still too cold. Their is nothing better than the warm wind in you’re face on a chopper motorcycle. I’m glide I brought ny bike.

One of the fun spots to hang out for the day is at the Arcosanti. It reminds me of a concrete hippy commune. With out saying too much and spoiling your visit. Nake suer you buy a bell

4. April 20110 Arcosanti

Sedona and the Pink Jeep Tours is a must. Ask for the broken arrow tour. If you are not too afraid of the feeling of tipping over, roiling off a cliff, driving in the air off a ledge.

4. April Pink Jeep tours

You have to stop at this little hole in the ground. The Grand Canyon. After traveling from Massachusetts this far a little side trip to this little hole in the ground is a must. I’d like to go back and see the Grand Canyon from the bottom.

4. April Grand cayon

Any trip to the west should have a Ghost town involved.

4. April Ghost Town 2


May 1st, 2010 Shawn Felty does not say where his stage four cancer traveled too. I can clearly see a scar on his right side so I’m guessing his colon cancer went to his liver as mine did. We are the one percent.

Put in photo of Shawn Felty

May 1st, 2010 I got an e-mail from molly asking if I might be able to help with some of the funding of the Colondar. It seem it cost around $6,000.00 for every month of the Colondar. I’m thinking. How am I going to raze six thousand dollars in a month? I don’t really have any rich friends. Than I got it! Years ago Fred Villari had every school participating in a kick a thon for Paul Newman’s Hole in the wall summer camps.  If I remember correctly we razed over $42,000.00. Now how about everyone helping me with a kick – a – thon? The way a kick – a – thon works all the students will kick 1,000 kick and ask friends and family to donate a penny a kick. 1,000 kicks times one penny is only $10.00. The only problem is I only have 5 weeks before the photo shoot. I’m going to try. What do I have to loose.

With only five weeks before the Photo shoot I had 9 schools joining in the kick a thons. Together the 9 schools razed a total of $2,065.00 for me. I can’t thank the nine schools enough for helping me with my cause.

I was once told I could talk a starving dog out of a bone. This might be true. Now all I have to do is raze the rest. No problem! I sent out snail mails, e-mails made telephone calls. And everyone I met I told them about the Colonder with me as one of the model for 2011. In the end I razed a total of $4,316.50. Together with the 9 Fred Villari’s self-defense Centers I had a Grand Total of $6,301.50. I think I’ll be the sponsor for my own page. Check out my page, It’s sponsored be the 9 Fred Villari Karate Schools and me. How cool is that.

Find the flyer and put in the kick a thon poster in here

May 15th, 2010 Marjorie has planed a trip to Ohio. I forgot why we were going there. We can drink a glass of wine anywhere we want. Why fly to Ohio? On second thought who cares. Marjorie Brother Jimmy and his wife Madam Jacqueline Evelyn Shapiro Shulman are a lot of fun. Jacky, for short she almost always cooks me a prime rib of American beef, we go to a comedy bar called Shadow Box. If you ever have a chance to go to Columbus Ohio go. While there look up an evening show at the Shadow Box. You just might laugh so hard you’ll pee your pants. While a comedy skit is going on a band is readying as soon as the short skit is over the band plays a rock and roil song. The actors and band member are so talented I have been going back for the last 17 years. It’s always a good time, new skits and great songs.

It was not long before I had the date, times, and the names of four models to pick up at the Albany Air-Port.  I was not sure if I would recognize them all. I only had one photo of them. Being as smart as I am I printed on my computer in big letters everyone first names on one backside of the 8 ½ by 11-inch card stock. I had printed a copy of the only photo I had of them on the other side.

I wonder how the eleven models are going to look? After being sliced and diced my stomach looks like a map of a mountain range. My colossal colorectal scar are all bumped up twisting around from just below my rib cage down to my belly button with a hard left hand circular twist around my Belly button the scar drops down six more inches down ending up just above my……. you know what. Than I’ve got that marvelous enormous looking liver scar from my right side just under my ribs up and over to the left side crossing the colon scar with an T shape. And going ½ way down my left side of my ribs. I look more like Frankenstein everyday.

June 1st, 2010 is Candace Henley Is a great model for June In 10 days I’ll be joining her as a Colondar model.

Put in photo of Candace Henley

June 10th, 2010 the first person I picked up was Misty Watson. At 12.06 I was waiting by the baggage carrousel. Down the steps came a girl. I look at her, she looked at me, I flashed her photo, flipped the card around and flashed her name. When she smiled I knew I had my first model. In a few minutes we had her bags and walked outside to put her bag in my car. One down and three more to find.

After putting her bags in the truck of my car Misty and I started looked for Shane Watson. He should be in any moment. Now where is he? A bunch of people came to the baggage carrousel pick up their luggage. Misty and I looked at the picture I had of him. Everyone picked up his or her bags and left. Misty and I were all alone and we had no Shane. Maybe he is up where everyone comes off the plane? Nope! Maybe he is in the bathroom? Nope! Maybe he is buying a Hamburg? Nope! How do I tell Molly I lost my second model?

A little before 1:15 Misty and I went up stairs for the next incoming plane to look for Michael. I also had a photo of Michael and his name on the back. As Misty and I stood where everyone was coming off the plane I saw a man that looked like Michael. I flashed his name, and he walked over. I now have two of four. If I was playing baseball I’m batting 500. After saying hi, Michael asked Misty and me, where is Shane? Misty and I both said he is not here, we can’t find him.  Michael said he just talked to him on his cell phone he’s by the baggage pick up.

The three of us walked down to baggage and looked around.  Sitting with his bag on a bench was Shane.  His plane was late and came in just before Michaels. Misty and I know this man was not sitting here five minutes ago, because we were sitting on this very same bench. I imagine Shane was walking down to baggage on one side as Misty and I walked up the other side to meet Michael plane. Shane had also shaved off his beard and with a clean face Misty and I would have walked right by him. I now have three of the four I’m now battening 750 not a bad battering average for an over the hill ex-base ball player. One more to go! And I’m batting 1000%.

Only Andrea Bruno is left. Her plane comes in at 1:45 in less that ½ of an hour. As the four of us were waiting for Michaels bags to come around on the baggage carousel my cell phone rang. It was Andrea calling. She is sitting on a plane, and is grounded in the Baltimore airport, on the runway. She did not know how long she would be sitting on the plane waiting to leave. What could we do? I told her to call us when they are going to leave, and just than the Caption came on and said they have been cleared to take off. Andrea apologies and begs me to wait. She will be in Albany in about one hour. And please, please, please wait for her. I did not want to say, where do you think we would go.

After putting Michael’s and Shane’s bags in my car. The four of as were all sitting around the baggage pick up area in the Albany Airport talking, if a plane leaves from Baltimore how long before it arrives at the Albany Airport. How high will it fly, how fast can it go, does it make any noise, and does any one care if it makes any nose. Than my cell phone rang, it was Andrea, she had just landed in Albany Airport. I guess it doesn’t take long to fly from Baltimore to Albany.

Misty, Michael, Shane, and I were sitting by the baggage carousel waiting for Andrea to show up. I look up and saw a girl with the same dress on as in the photo I had in my hand. I pointed at her photo and she pointed back at me and we all hugged and introduced ourselves. I have everyone. I’m batting 1000 % the Red Sox might have a place on the teem roster for me now.


It was very clear Misty, Michael, and Shane got the e-mail about soft-sided luggage.  It was also very clear Andrea did not. Andrea had a bag so big I did not have a clue if I could fit her bag in my car.

In the back seat were Michael on one side, Misty in the center, and Shane behind me with all their stuff plus mine in the trunk.

I put Andrea humongous over stuffed bag on its side in the front seat, between Andrea and me. Every time I had to shift in to another gear Andrea had to pull her bag over onto her lap. Hay wait a minute that’s my hat.

As I started to drive north on I – 87 Andrea got her cell phone out and typed in Molly parents address. In a short time she had goggle earths, than the address and a map to guide us to Molly’s Mom and Dads home.

After a quick ride north we were all at Molly’s Mom and Dad’s home. Now for the weekend. Everyone keeps asking for me to tell them all the details what happen when, who did what, who was with who? Here is the truth! What happens at the photo shoot stays at the photo shoot. I will give you the run down who made what month and copy what they said on the 2011 Colondar. The rest is none of your business. Sorry! Or it could be another book.

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